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We have been proudly serving St Paul and surrounding communities since 1929. That’s a long time. To put that into perspective, here are some facts about the world when Ace Auto Parts first opened.


1929 Facts

  • Herbert Hoover was president.
  • The Great Depression began with the stock market crash, plunging the country into 15 years of economic hardship.
  • The Philadelphia Athletics won the World Series.
  • A new vehicle cost around $265. A new house cost under $8,000.
  • A pound of butter was 50 cents, and a loaf of bread cost a dime.

What hasn’t changed throughout all those years is how Ace works. Decade after decade, we pride ourselves on offering working used parts at a great price. Stop by and find out how Ace can help you get your vehicle up and running!

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651-717-4299 Si, Hablamos Español

Ace Auto Parts building is locked due to the virus - Curbside Pickup Available!