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You need lights on your car. They are what allow you to see at night and in inclement weather, they make you more visible to others, and they even signal your movements to other drivers. These are an extremely important safety feature of your vehicle that you won't want to be without. Headlights light your way, tail lights make you visible and show when you're breaking, turn signals tell others what you're going to do, fog lights help you cut through the mist, and even little lights illuminate your license plates, the car's interior, and more.

Ace Auto offers Minneapolis and St. Paul lights installation services to ensure your car is ready for the road. Quotes are available from our team of light installation specialists and when you purchase your new lights at Ace, we can even help you install it. Ace Auto headlight, taillight, and other light installation services include the following:

  • Full installation of all your vehicle's lights 
  • Headlight installation and allignment
  • Full check of all your vehicle's lights


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