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Bumper (Exterior) Search

Just a little tap of your car against something else could damage your bumper. Not only does having a broken, damaged, or missing bumper look bad, it also affects your vehicle’s safety.


What Bumpers Do

Bumpers are structures commonly integrated into the front and rear of a vehicle designed to mitigate small collisions. The early days of automotive technology saw rigid metal bars attached to the frame, with little regard for their appearance. As time went on, designers sought to blend this fairly important component into the overall visual presentation of the vehicle. Thus, bumpers began to be less noticeable, although still serving a vital safety purpose. Modern automobiles commonly employ various flavors of polycarbonate, creating an integrated covering for a concealed structural reinforcement component beneath. As the term “fender-bender” implies, any undesired contact your vehicle may have with external entities will typically result is damage to the bumper and surrounding surfaces. When this occurs, give Ace Auto a call - we have bumpers!


Used Bumpers

Oh yes, we certainly have bumpers. Many, many bumpers, for nearly any make and model of vehicle, both American and imported. We likely have the bumper and parts that you're looking for, right in our warehouse. And if we don't have it in stock, we have a nationwide network we tap into so that you'll be sure to get the part you need, fast. 

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