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Side Mirrors

Side Mirrors

Have you ever noticed that many old vehicles have only one side mirror? That’s because before the 1960s, most roads and highways in the United States were only two lanes, so you never had to worry about anyone on the right side of your car. Of course, that’s no longer the case, and modern vehicles come equipped with side mirrors on both sides of the car.

Imagine driving without side mirrors! You would be visually impaired concerning areas to the sides of the vehicle, and although the rea-view mirror would provide a general idea of what is behind you, this site picture is only completed by your side-vew mirrors. And since these mirrors must extend out from the sides of your vehicle, they're often the first thing to be smashed or cracked in the narrow car wash, the tight squeeze into your garage, or the monster truck parked next to you at the supermarket. We've even seen side view mirrors inadvertently shattered while trying to chisel through inch-thick ice thanks to our arctic Minnesota winters. Regardless of how your side mirror broke, we are here to replace it for you.  So give us a call and the team at Ace Auto will restore your automotive vision in no time!


Side Mirror Installation

Let our mechanics install side mirrors on your car for you. We’ll make sure that the fit is perfect and that you can adjust your mirror for optimal sightlines. Give us a call today!

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