There are quite a few car parts to sort through when you visit a junkyard. Buying used car parts is a cost-effective method for replacing broken parts on your vehicle. However, some parts are more reliable to purchase used than others.


Oftentimes, in accidents and or natural occurrences, the windshield or auto glass can become damaged. You may wonder, is purchasing a windshield used worth it? There are several pros and cons to weigh prior to buying a used windshield at a junkyard.

Benefits of Buying a Used Windshield

●        Save Money | Perhaps the most apparent benefit of buying a used windshield is the affordability. While new windshields can break the bank in some cases, a used windshield at a junkyard will cost much less.


●        Availability | Windshields come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Because a junkyard is typically full of many different cars makes and models, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find the windshield you’re looking for.


●        Easy Installation | While you may think installing your used windshield will be a difficult process, think again! Windshields are actually exceptionally easy to install. Whether you want to install the new glass yourself or you’d prefer to have a professional take on the job, you can expect to start enjoying your new windshield in a matter of no time.

Downsides of Buying a Used Windshield

●        Questionable Durability | There’s always a risk relying on materials that have an unknown past. You may not notice small chips and cracks in the surface that can spread and lead to greater issues down the road.


●        Possible Warranty Complications | Many warranties require you to use replacement parts sold by the original manufacturer to benefit for the part to be covered. Depending on your warranty’s conditions, your used windshield may not be covered.


●        Insurance Coverage Complications | In addition to your car’s warranty, your auto insurance may also not cover the cost of a used windshield. You should contact your insurance company to get thorough details on your policy’s conditions.

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