Many times, new car batteries are an unforeseen cost. It’s difficult to determine when your car will need a new battery and when the time does come, money isn’t always easily accessible. In times like these, you may need to consider a more affordable option to get your car what it needs, like purchasing a used car battery.


Salvage yards such as Ace Auto Parts provide a wide selection of used car parts for vehicle owners to choose from. By purchasing a used battery, you can save money in the long run. Prior to buying a used battery, however, there are several factors you should consider.


Battery Age

A used battery’s age can tell you a lot about their reliability. Be sure to check the date stamp that indicates when the battery was made. Many buyers overlook the stamp as it can be difficult to understand. The months are classified as letters, A-L, followed by on or two digits that indicate the year. The digits usually indicate the last two numbers in the year. So, if a battery was made in February of 2012, the date might read B12 or B2. By learning how to read the battery’s stamp, you’ll be able to determine how old it is.


Keep an Eye Out for Corrosion and Deterioration

Excessive signs of wear and age, such as corrosion, often indicates that the battery isn’t in very good condition. Prior to purchasing a used battery, it’s critical to take some time to inspect the battery for corrosion. Most often, you will find corrosion development around the terminals. A battery with excessive corrosion may not have much life left to it.


Consider the Warranty

When considering a used car battery, consider both your car’s warranty and the salvage yard’s warranty. Both of these warranties might offer coverage for your used car battery. A dependable warranty condition may save you any misfortune as a result of a faulty battery.


Ace Auto Parts is ready to help you find the used car parts you need, including car batteries. Our team of technicians tests every part to ensure they’re ready to serve our customers. Take a look through our inventory to see what parts we have in store for you. For any questions you have about our parts, contact us anytime at 651-717-4299.