It’s no secret that buying used car parts can save you hundreds of dollars, however, there are some parts that are more worth buying used than others. At Ace Auto Parts, we have a wide selection of highly valuable parts for you to choose from. Understanding what types of used car parts hold their value will help you execute a successful shopping experience. Here are several car parts you should consider buying used instead of brand new.


●        Tires

Many times, junked cars arrive at the lot with tires that are in near-perfect condition. Because many car accidents damage the car’s body rather than the tires, you can feel confident knowing you’ll be able to find tires with minimal wear and a good amount of mileage left on them.


●        Rims

Wheel rims are another auto piece that often arrives at the part shop in good condition. Because rims are built to withstand immense pressure and weight, they often remain unscathed after a collision. If you’re in need of new rims for your vehicle, consider buying a used set.


●        Rear View and Side Mirrors

Mirrors that aren’t cracked, broken, or chipped can still serve a purpose on another vehicle. If you’re in need of a new side or rearview mirror, opting for a used mirror is a good way to save money while still getting the part you need.


●        Power Locks

While a salvage vehicle may not be able to run anymore, that doesn’t mean the power locks aren’t useable. Power locks are a dependable auto piece to buy used. Brand new power lock systems can cost a hefty amount of money, however, used power locks are exceptionally affordable. Stop by Ace Auto Parts to take a look through our available selection of power locks.


●        Windshields

When a vehicle reaches the end of its lifespan, the windshield often remains perfectly intact. Because of their usable condition, windshields serve as a noteworthy auto part to purchase used. By purchasing a used windshield, you can save hundreds of dollars.


●        Transmission

Ace Auto Parts supplies a selection of refurbished transmissions for a variety of vehicles. While a new transmission may cost you thousands of dollars, a used transmission will save you a generous amount of money.


If you want to save money on the car parts you need, stop in to Ace Auto Parts today. From windshields to power locks, we have parts that will provide you with the solution you’re looking for. For assistance with your part search, contact us today at 651-717-4299.