Purchasing used car parts, instead of brand new pieces, can save you hundreds of dollars. Ace Auto Parts provides a wide selection of used parts for you to pick from. However, stopping into a salvage yard does require you to practice a few safety precautions and procedures. By following these steps, you’ll have a safe and successful visit to the parts shop.

●        Wear Proper Shoes

Hunting for parts in the thick of summer may have you feeling tempted to wear a comfortable pair of sandals, but you should opt for a pair of sturdy and closed-toed shoes instead. There are a variety of heavy, metal objects that can fall on your feet, putting you at risk of injury. To prevent any accidents from occurring, protect your feet with some closed-toe boots.

●        Have Eye Protection Ready

For shop visitors who prefer to pull parts themselves, be sure to have a form of eye protection. Between loose fluids and falling parts, your eyes are at risk of many forms of damage.

●        Hand Protection

Sharp edges are frequent when it comes to car parts, which is why you should arrive at the salvage yards prepared with a durable pair of gloves. A pair of heavy-duty gloves will ensure you stay safe while pulling and handling parts at the salvage yard.

●        Ask for Help

Because many car parts are heavy and fragile, you should ask a friend or family member to assist you with your trip to the parts shop. Not only will this make for a smoother search process, but additional help will also lower your chances of experiencing injuries due to bulky and heavy pieces.

●        Arrive Prepared

From having the proper tools for pulling the parts you need, to thoroughly researching the exact pieces that will work best with your vehicle, there are a few steps you should complete before arriving at the salvage yard. Take some time to completely prepare for your visit to avoid enduring accidents and mistakes.

At Ace Auto Parts, we’re happy to provide our visitors with a selection of high performing and affordable used car parts. We can even assist you with taking your old junk vehicle off your hands in exchange for cash! To learn more about our available parts and services, give us a call today at 651-717-4299. We look forward to assisting you!