It goes without saying that new cars and auto parts purchased straight from the dealership are expected to be equipped with standard warranty offers. However, when it comes to used car parts, issued warranties tend to vary depending on which auto store you go to. On top of that, spending more on the reassurance of a used car part warranty might also be a difficult financial decision for buyers already dealing with a tight budget.

This is why understanding exactly what investing in a warranty for a used car part means, as well as what specific parts tend to benefit more from having that warranty to fall back on in case something isn’t up to par. Let’s break down the ins and outs of obtaining a warranty for used car parts, as well as some of the advantages they can provide.

Understanding Your Used Car Parts Warranty

Compared to decades ago, the amount of discount auto parts stores offering warranties on their used car parts has significantly increased. Much of this has been the result of the expanding accessibility of used auto parts, specifically in regards to ordering parts online. The important thing to consider when evaluating the worth of a warranty from any auto store is receiving a clear definition of its length and its stipulations.

The length of most used car part warranties tend to start at 30 to 90 days. It’s highly recommended that a 90-day warranty is the bare minimum to invest in, because that extra 60 days will make a big difference in determining your overall satisfaction with your recent purchase. Some used auto part stores will also offer extended warranty options, typically between six months to one year, which is also recommended for used car owners in possession of older vehicles with higher mileage.

Once you’ve established the length of your used car part warranty, you’ll want to make clear with your seller about what exactly are the stipulations of the agreed upon warranty. This means determining any of the following factors:

●        Can used car parts be modified after purchase?

●        Are there any oil and filter installation requirements (for used engines)?

●        Are all repairs under warranty performed only by the seller?

●        How are issues with recently purchased used parts reported and evaluated?

Overall, you just need confirmation and documentation of any of the ways the warranty for your used car part could be void.

Warranties for Mechanical Parts

If you’ve recently purchased any used car parts such as an engine, transmission, front or rear axle assembly, or differential, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing a warranty, if not an extended one. Used mechanical parts generally have a higher probability to experience issues with, compared to other sections and parts of a car. Because they’re considered the heart and soul of any automobile, mechanical parts receive the bulk end of wear and tear, which means you’ll be wishing you were covered if any of these parts go array.

Warranties for Electrical Parts

Used electrical car parts in general are usually the trickiest to find warranty offers for. This is because they tend to have already endured plenty of usage, and repairing or replacing used electrical car parts can prove difficult for some used auto part stores. However, if you have the opportunity to add on a warranty to your used electrical car part purchase (specifically a 90-day warranty), take advantage of it, because paying that extra money up front will pay off in the long run if you do happen to experience technical difficulties further down the road.

Warranties for Body & Suspension Parts

When it comes to weighing whether or not a warranty is worth it for used body and suspension parts, knowing the origin of the part in question can be the crucial determining factor. For the most part, used body and suspension parts should run just fine, unless the previous car they were installed in experienced a collision. However, if that’s not the case, then investing in a 90-day warranty is about as long as you’ll need, unless you’re willing to pay for that extra reassurance with an extended warranty.

Find the Warranty That’s Right for You

In the end, investing in a warranty all comes down to practicing a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach. At Ace Auto Parts, we want all our used car part customers to get the most out of their purchase, which is why we offer warranties starting at 90 days on all used parts, and even extended warranties up to one year on select used car parts.

If you’d like to learn more about our warranty offers and stipulations, feel free to contact us online today, or give us a call at 651-717-4299 to speak with one of our professional mechanics over the phone.