Was your vehicle recently deemed totaled after a severe collision? Perhaps you have an old clunker sitting out back that’s been collecting rust for years? If you’re not certain what to do with your junker automobile, why not sell it for parts?

At Ace Auto Parts, we buy salvage vehicles so we can remove their usable parts and stock them in our shop. We also offer free towing and will come to your location to pick up your clunker ride. To help you have the best selling experience possible, we’re sharing a few valuable tips for getting rid of your junk vehicle below.

Inspect the Vehicle for Personal Belongings & Remove Them

Before our tow truck arrives to pick up your vehicle, make sure you inspect it for any personal belongings you may have forgotten about. Just a few personal effects people often let slip their minds include:

●        Seat covers

●        Floor mats

●        Belongings in the center console

●        Stuff in the trunk of the vehicle

●        Documents in the glove compartment

●        Steering wheel covers

Even if you don’t think there’s anything in your junker that you want, give it a quick once-over at the very least. You might be surprised to find a few small things you had no idea were there.

Transfer Ownership of the Automobile

When you sell your junker to a salvage yard, you must transfer ownership too. If you fail to surrender the title to your automobile, you’re still the registered owner, so the yard cannot pull out the usable parts and inventory them.

To learn more about Minnesota’s regulations on salvage vehicle sales, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles office. If you still have an active insurance policy on the automobile, make sure you cancel that too.

Get Any Remaining Fuel Out of the Tank

Chances are there’s still usable fuel in the tank of your junker, so why not get it out and use it? If you’re comfortable siphoning fuel from the tank, you can store it in approved containers for later use. Whether you put that fuel in the tank of a different vehicle or another piece of fuel-powered machinery like a lawnmower, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it rather than letting it go to waste!

Consider Removing Certain Valuable Parts

Generally, when you sell a junker to a salvage yard, the yard pays you based on the weight of your automobile. But that price doesn’t necessarily take into account the value of some of the easily removable vehicle parts you can make a profit off of. If you’d like to make the most cash possible of your clunker, consider removing parts like:

●        Stereo equipment you can sell

●        New tires

●        Pricey rims

●        External GPS

If your vehicle has any of the above parts, you can make a considerable profit from selling them to independent buyers. You don’t have to go to the trouble of removing them, but it’ll be worth it if you do!

Live in the Twin Cities and Own a Clunker? Ace Auto Parts Buys Junkers!

If you own an old junk vehicle and you’re not sure what to do with it, let our team at Ace Auto Parts take it off your hands! We offer free towing and will schedule a convenient time for pickup, so when we arrive at your location, all you need to do is answer the door when we come knocking. We pay cash for clunker automobiles and have served residents throughout the Twin Cities metro for nearly 100 years. Check out our reviews to see what people are saying!

To learn more about how we can help you get rid of your junker, give us a call today at 651-717-4299 or send us a message online with your questions or concerns.