Need a few car parts for a DIY vehicle repair? Have you thought about browsing a salvage yard for discount auto parts? If you’ve always been under the impression that used auto parts are inherently no good or low quality, that’s simply not true. Auto parts from a quality salvage yard are easy to acquire and work exactly the same as new parts, but they tend to be a whole lot more affordable.

Why opt for used auto parts in lieu of new? Read on to find out.

Salvage Vehicles Aren’t Junk

When vehicles go to a salvage yard, that simply means they were either deemed totaled in an auto accident or they were brought there because they’re no longer worth driving. And although those vehicles might not be driveable anymore, they still have several functional parts that likely have many thousands of miles left in them.

At a salvage yard (not to be confused with a junk or scrapyard) employees pull the parts from each vehicle and thoroughly assess their quality before stocking them. Those parts won’t be damaged or worn out and in many cases, they even come with a limited warranty for additional peace of mind.

Buying Used, Discount Auto Parts Can Save You Serious Cash

Depending on the part you need, buying discount auto parts from a salvage yard can save you anywhere from 50%-75% off the cost of purchasing new vehicle parts. That’s especially true if you own an older vehicle that’s difficult to find parts for. If you’re restoring a classic car or truck, you might even get lucky and find the part you need without having to spend wads of cash ordering it from a specialty parts supplier.

Which Auto Parts Should You Buy Used?

When it comes to purchasing discount auto parts from a salvage yard, there are some that are almost always a safe bet while others are better to purchase new. Of course, the quality of specific parts will vary from yard to yard, but at a quality salvage yard (like Ace Auto Parts!), you can safely buy the following parts used and save yourself some cash:

●        Motors

●        Body parts (doors, bumpers, quarter panels, hoods, side mirrors, etc.)

●        Transmissions

●        Auto glass

●        Carburetors

●        Transmissions

●        Tires

●        Lights

Other parts like filters, belts, and components that wear relatively easily and quickly should always be purchased new for both longevity and safety reasons.  

Ace Auto Parts: Minneapolis & St. Paul’s Go-To Auto Salvage Yard

If you’re in the market for discount auto parts, stop by Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul! Since 1929, we’ve proudly provided Twin Cities vehicle owners with an extensive selection of quality used car and truck parts, and we’d love to help you out with your auto repairs too! To learn more about what we have in stock, check out our discount auto parts search tool or give us a call today at 651-717-4299.