No matter what kind of auto glass your vehicle needs, there’s a good chance you can easily find it at a salvage yard. But is it a good idea to opt for used auto glass in lieu of new? Is it actually safe to put a used windshield on your vehicle? Below, we’ll break down the benefits and drawbacks of buying used auto glass from a salvage yard, so you can make the call.


Benefits of Buying Used Auto Glass

Salvage yards are positively loaded with used vehicles and their auto parts. While purchasing and installing some of those parts may not be in a conscientious vehicle owner’s best interest, auto glass isn’t one of them.

Rather, used auto glass functions just like its new counterpart, and, depending on the type of vehicle you own, second-hand auto glass can be remarkably easy to find. Aside from the fact that salvage yards carry an extensive selection of used auto glass, opting for used in lieu of new offers other benefits, too, like:

●        Significant cost savings. On average, a new windshield costs about $150-$300 while used auto glass from a salvage yard can cost you as little as $50. If you need automobile glass repair on a budget, opting for used in lieu of new is your best bet.

●        Onsite glass installation. Many high-quality salvage yards (like Ace Auto Parts!) will perform glass installation for you when you purchase a windshield, side window, or rear window from their location. Having professional assistance is invaluable when replacing auto glass, given the safety issues that can occur with improper installation. While you’ll certainly get onsite installation if you visit an auto glass repair shop, getting used glass installed onsite at a salvage yard is significantly more affordable.

●        Opportunity to get hard-to-find glass. Salvage yards might be chock full of newer-model vehicles and their used auto glass, but they often also have older-model vehicles (and sometimes even antiques) from which you can pull hard-to-find windshields and other windows. If you’re restoring an old ride, going to a salvage yard to find the auto glass you need will not only save you a sizeable chunk of change but will also cut down the waiting period associated with ordering a custom piece of glass for an antique vehicle. 


Drawbacks of Purchasing a Used Windshield

Although purchasing used auto glass from a salvage yard does offer several benefits over buying new glass, salvage yard auto glass isn’t without a few potential cons. They include:

●        Shorter product warranties. Reputable salvage yards offer warranties on all of the used auto parts they sell, including auto glass. But in most cases, those warranties max out at one year. However, a short warranty isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you think about it, there’s a good chance the glass would have already had problems on the previous vehicle if there were any manufacturing issues present.

●        Possible insurance issues. If you’re planning to use your insurance to cover the cost of auto glass repair or replacement, there’s a good chance your policy won’t cover the installation if you opt for used auto glass. But here’s the good news: If your insurance does cover auto glass repair and replacement, you can get new glass installed on your vehicle with a small out-of-pocket investment if your deductible is fairly low.

●        Vehicle warranty problems. If your vehicle is still under warranty, that warranty likely stipulates that you must use new, OEM vehicle parts if you want to maintain your warranty coverage. Although you might be able to find OEM auto glass for your particular vehicle at a salvage yard, it’s not new, so having it installed could void your warranty. If, however, your vehicle is no longer within its warranty period, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about. 


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