Ready to buy a new ride with room for family and friends? Don’t want to lose tons of value the second you drive off the lot? Then buying used is your best bet.

Check out our top picks for used, midsize sedans in 2022 below. And remember: When it’s time for vehicle maintenance and repairs, you can trust our team at Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul with all of your discount auto parts needs! 

Nissan Altima

It might not be the most alluring family sedan, but if you’re looking for safety, excellent traction in winter, or have a need for speed, the 2021 Altima could be for you. This spacious midsize sedan not only has a five-star crash rating but also a turbocharged engine option and an option for all-wheel drive – two options other sedans in this class don’t offer.

Standard models feature a four-cylinder engine, gearless transmission, and good fuel efficiency (up to 28 mpg city and 39 highway). At a starting price point of around $25K, the subdued Altima won’t turn any heads, but it’ll certainly get you around town safely and efficiently.

Toyota Camry

Stylish and powerful, the 2021 Toyota Camry boasts an extensive list of standard safety technologies, as well as sharp steering, an excellent ride, and intuitive infotainment controls. It’s also one of the more attractive midsize sedans on the market and has a roomy cabin, so if you’re looking for something appealing yet practical, it should fit the bill.

The Camry gets 25 mpg in the city and about 34 on the highway, and, like the Altima, boasts a five-star crash rating and starts at around $25K.

Honda Accord

Available in six trims — two with turbocharged engines and one with a hybrid — the 2021 Honda Accord comes standard with an array of ADAS features and touchscreen infotainment.

This sedan’s stylish exterior, well-controlled ride, 5-star crash rating, and roomy, comfortable interior have put it at the top of best-of lists for years. The Honda’s fuel efficiency also bests both the Altima and Camry, at up to 30 mpg city and up to 38 highway. And, unsurprisingly, its starting price also runs a bit higher at around $26K.

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