Whether you have an old vehicle that’s still in relatively good condition or a total junker that’s just wasting space on your property, you have several options for offloading your dated ride. From getting the word out by mouth or listing your automobile online, here are five of the best ways to sell your old car.

1. Sell to a Salvage Yard

If you have a really old or totaled vehicle you no longer want, you can sell it to a salvage yard (like Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul) for cash. You can have the vehicle picked up and towed away from wherever it’s sitting, so you don’t ever have to lift a finger or get your hands dirty.

Thinking about selling your old vehicle this way? Then read up on how to prepare to sell your car to a salvage yard first.

2. Sell by Word of Mouth

Are you still driving the vehicle you want to sell? If so, slap a “for sale” sign in one of the windows and write your phone number on it. Every time you drive around town, you’re advertising that your car or truck is for sale — someone’s bound to reach out and give you a call eventually.

You can also get the word out at work, or anywhere else you visit often. Chances are someone you know is considering buying a new (to them) vehicle or at least knows someone who is. They can then pass the word on to their acquaintances, too.

3. Get an Instant Cash Offer Online

Did you know you can get a cash offer for your used car from Kelley Blue Book? If not, here’s how you can go about doing that:

1.      Go to kbb.com and click on “Get My Car’s Value.”

2.      On the “My Car’s Value” page, click on “Get Instant Cash Offer.”

3.      Enter your vehicle’s VIN number and mileage.

4.      Input all other details about your vehicle and its features.

5.      Get your instant cash offer.

4. List Your Vehicle Online

There are plenty of places to list a used vehicle online for sale, such as Craigslist, Facebook, Cars.com — the list is long. Make sure you include several pictures of the vehicle in your listing so prospective buyers can see its interior and exterior condition and its odometer reading.

5. Sell or Trade to a Dealership

Most dealerships purchase used vehicles, and if you’re looking to get into a new car or truck, you can trade your old ride in to discount the price of your new one.

Keep in mind, though, that your vehicle’s trade-in value will be lower than its private sale value. And, if you choose to sell to a dealership rather than trade, you’ll probably get a lower offer price than if you sold to a private buyer. Dealerships are ultimately looking to profit from the vehicle, after all.

Not sure you want to sell? Check out these other things you can do with your old car.

Sell Your Junker Vehicle to Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul!

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