Your car's radiator has an important function. It helps to keep your car's engine from overheating. However, if the radiator has a leak, it may be unable to perform its job well. If your car's engine were to overheat, substantial damage can be done to the engine. This is why it is so important to know what the signs are that something may be wrong with your radiator and to take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs. Here are a few of the signs that your car may have a radiator leak.


A Puddle Under Your Car

If your radiator has a leak, it will leak coolant. If your car sits for an extended period of time, this coolant will leak down through your car and leave a puddle under your car. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell what is leaking if there is a puddle under your car. If there is a puddle, take something light in color, such as a napkin, paper towel or white rag and dab at the puddle. Then look at your object and note the color. If the color is green, it is likely coolant leaking. If it is black, you likely have an oil leak. And if it is red, you likely have a transmission leak. If green fluid is leaking from your car, you want to get your car to an auto repair shop quickly. Don't continue to drive your car or it can overheat due to a lack of fluid.


Drop in Your Coolant Level

Most cars now have electronic systems that let drivers know when a fluid is low. If your car lets you know that your coolant level is low, it is important to top it off quickly. You should not have to worry about the level dropping for several months, at least. However, if you notice that the indicator light comes on again within a few days or weeks, there is a leak somewhere. You may not notice a puddle under your car if it is a slow leak. However, your coolant should not disappear that quickly unless there is a leak somewhere.


There is a Visible Crack and/or Corrosion on Your Radiator

It is recommended that everyone open up the hood of their car and look around every month. They should check their oil levels and check for signs of damaged wires, corrosion, rust or other issues. If you notice a visible crack on your radiator, you have a leak. Additionally, if you notice corrosion on the radiator, you likely have fluid leaking from it as well.


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