If your first inclination is to run out to a new parts store to buy replacement parts for your vehicle, there may be a better option. That option could be choosing used parts from a trusted resource like Ace Auto Parts in St Paul, MN. Here's why.

Used Parts are Less Expensive

The best part about buying used auto parts is the dramatic cost savings. Whether you are considering transmissions, engines, bumpers, doors, radiators, or even auto glass, used parts can save you significantly. Compare prices between new and used and you'll quickly see how used parts can save you cash. When parts come from a trusted supplier like Ace Auto Parts, it adds even more to that value.

Hard to Find Parts Can be Easier to Locate

With the computerized inventories of Ace Auto Parts, even hard to locate parts can be easier to find. This is particularly helpful when looking for parts for older cars that may no longer be in production. If you are restoring a car, a good used parts resource can be a valuable resource. In fact, some used part suppliers can help connect you with a network of resources to help you find those hard to find parts. No matter what you are looking for, give Ace Auto Parts a call.

Utilizing Used Car Parts is Recycling

One of the best ways to use green, environmentally friendly practices in car repair is recycling used parts. Rather than wasting valuable parts, Ace Auto Parts inventories them and makes them available to be re-used. Need a fender for a 1990 Chevy? We may be able to help. Looking for front ends for Mustangs? Let us know what you need. There's a very good chance we can help you find the part you need and recycle it into a new life.

A Trusted Resource

Ace Auto Parts has been into recycling long before recycling became cool. We've been in business since 1929 when the Great Depression began. Back then, you could buy a new car for under $300. Even at those prices, we saw the value of making the most of each and every vehicle produced and every part they contained. Since day one, we've built our reputation on providing quality, working used parts to extend the life of our customer's vehicles. We buy cars, sell cars, sell used parts and even offer used oil disposal. We invite you to learn more about Ace Auto Parts and why buying used auto parts is such a smart move.