Whether you’re installing used tires or are taking a trip to the junk yard, your decision to prioritized used auto parts is a big one. Used auto parts cost less, and they’re surprisingly durable. If you didn’t know, there are a wealth of benefits surrounding used installations. We’re covering five of them.


Benefit One: High Availability


Everyone understands the pain of slow installations, hard-to-find repair bargains and the general difficulty surrounding auto assistance. Used auto parts aren’t only easy to come by, they’re widely available. When we say “available,” we’re talking about make and model flexibility. Even if you’re driving in an old Mercedes Benz, you’ll likely have a slew of used auto parts to choose from.


Benefit Two: Recycling is Good for the Environment


Recycled auto parts spare the environment. Because some used auto parts are priced at around 60 to 70-percent less than manufacturer parts, they’re widely selected by budget shoppers seeking great bargains. By investing in used parts, you’re not only saving your own wallet. You’re reducing the industry’s production of new parts, little by little, and you’re aiding the atmosphere. The sale of used auto parts, experts believe, saves about 85 million barrels of oil every year.


Benefit Three: Used Auto Parts Meet OEM Standards


Used batteries, used tires or used car doors—you name it. Each meets OEM specs derived from another person’s vehicle. While the original vehicle might not be in use, you can still take advantage of used part options with a comforted mind: Each part is up to industry standards, and providers can’t sell parts which aren’t.


Benefit Four: Junkyards Offer Hidden Value


Junkyards and salvage yards are loaded with hidden potential. Odds are, you’ll find an incredibly rare offer if you dig long enough. Manufacturers run out of stock, and their prices are often competitive. If you’re turning to the junk yard, be prepared to score. A lot of providers offer price reductions, and there’s always more to be discovered.


Benefit Five: Refurbished Parts are Always an Option


If you’re really worried about the condition of your parts, consider refurbished parts. Used auto parts which’re refurbished for resale might cost more, but they still cost less than brand-new manufacturer parts.


On every level, used auto parts are affordable. You can find pristine parts which’re of similar quality to new parts. Talk to Ace Auto Parts about their best options. You might be surprised by what you find.