You shouldn’t fear a trip to the junkyard. Today’s salvage yards are packed with cheap, high-quality auto parts. Some, in fact, offer the best-used parts around. If you’re taking a trip to the yard, check out these treasure-finding tips.


Tip One: Check the Online Inventory

Before stepping foot inside, check out the yard’s online inventory. A lot of junkyards feature used parts, metal scraps and entire vehicle inventories online. Refresh the inventory every hour, and browse for new entries. If you’re on you’re A-game, digitally, you’ll thrive.


Tip Two: Bring a Mallet or Small Hammer

Sometimes, the best parts need to be hammered loose. If you want to remove longer pieces, like a drivetrain, you should bring a pair of C-clamps. Often, the part quality you’ll find is related to the search tools you’re packing.


Tip Three: Map it Out

Tell the salvage yard’s clerk about the parts you’re looking for. Sometimes, they’ll have a map. If they don’t, use a notebook. Map out the aisles, and write down any hot spots. A lot of treasure hunters lose their parts due to lacking navigational skills. A crude map is a map, nonetheless.


Tip Four: Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

Once you’ve located your parts, haggle for them. A lot of yards have standard pricing, but you can still push for a better deal. Tell the clerk what you have, and ask them if any deals are available. If possible, don’t damage the parts upon removal. Yard owners make money from their parts, and they’ll lose money from damaged goods.


Tip Five: Use the Yard’s A-Frame

Even though you’ve brought your tools, you should still use the yards. If you need to retrieve an engine, you won’t be able to tote it. A lot of yards have an A-frame, which can easily remove engines. For smaller parts, consider asking for a wheelbarrow. Again, finding quality parts simply requires you to be prepared for said parts.


Take your time, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. While your local salvage yard is filled with used tires, used auto parts, and used cars, it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate. Assuming you’re prepared, you can strategize your trip for maximum success. Whether you want to repair your vehicle or sell the parts for money, your yard’s clerks are your friend. Contact the pros at Ace Auto Parts, and ask about used part quality standards. If you know what to look for, you’ll be a step ahead.