Every automobile requires routine maintenance and upkeep, in addition to minor repairs from the occasional fender bender or parking lot accident. Although some parts for such routines are inexpensive enough to warrant new parts, often perfectly good parts can be salvaged from the unaffected portions of a new car which was wrecked beyond repair. You can generally save quite a bit of money by finding used parts when they will work as well as new ones.



Tires have to be replaced on every car according to the mileage the old tires were rated for. Unfortunately, tires have jumped in price over the last few years and can be a major expense to replace. Of course, you want good tires with a full tread which provides traction for safe control of the vehicle, but those can often be found at a salvage yard for far less expensive than a parts store or specialty tire shop.



Batteries, likewise, can be found used as a replacement in order to avoid the expense of buying a new one. Although batteries can simply lose function due to age, the general idea is they last until run down, then need to be replaced. As long as a used battery provides enough power to start your car and start the alternator running, it simply makes sense to purchase a working used one rather than paying full price for a brand new battery.


Salvage Yard

A salvage yard can provide batteries and tires, but also proves its worthiness when you need body parts specific to your car that would otherwise have to be special ordered at an expensive custom price. Taillight covers are notorious for being really overpriced when bought directly from the dealer, but you have to have them if yours is damaged. A logo isn't necessary for your car's performance, but you want to have it for cosmetic appeal. A salvage yard is likely to have such parts for much less of an expense than the dealer is willing to sell it for.


It's always a good idea to check with a trusted salvage yard such as Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul before buying new parts for your car or truck. You'll get a great price, work with someone who loves what they do, and likely get a little free advice out of the deal.