When your car needs a new part, it can be a difficult decision whether to buy a new or used part. On the one hand, you want your car to run as efficiently as possible without worries, but you also realize you can save money with used parts from a salvage yard. If it isn't going to affect the performance or appearance of the vehicle and is a part which is known for rarely having problems, it's usually a good idea to look for a used piece instead of paying full price.


Dealership Prices

Dealerships are known for charging a large markup on the automotive parts they sell. However, sometimes such a price is unavoidable, and you know without fail the part is an exact match for your car and is what was originally recommended by the engineer who designed the car. Usually, however, a dealership should be a last resort for parts you simply can't find elsewhere.


New Auto Parts Store Prices

Some auto parts simply require new replacements. Spark plugs, as an example, are not something you would want to replace with used ones which might have the same problem as your current ones have and aren't very expensive to buy new. Parts which tend to wear out and need replacement as part of a routine maintenance are best replaced with new parts simply because they are usually designed to wear out in order to protect more expensive pieces in your car's engine.


Salvaged Pieces

Salvaged pieces can be quite useful and save a huge amount of money. Body parts often can be replaced from a salvage yard for far less than a dealership charges, whether a replacement fender or a tail light cover. These types of parts aren't carried by auto parts stores and typically have to be custom ordered by a dealership. If you find it used you'll pay less and help the environment by reusing instead of recycling the part as scrap metal to be melted down.


When there is damage or repairs to be made to your car, be sure to check with your mechanic as to whether a new part is needed or if you may want to find it at a local salvage yard such as Ace Auto Parts where you'll find the part you need and service with a smile.