When you think about your tires and them being balanced, consider the explanation that it's a tune-up for them and the wheels they depend on. The maintenance not only provides benefits like fuel efficiency, but without it, it can directly affect the safety of your vehicle. 

Keeping up on this type of tire tune-up is crucial, and the team at Ace Auto Parts is here to tell you why! 

What Causes Unbalanced Wheels?

There are several different ways that tires can become unbalanced. Just normal daily driving can cause the tires to become unbalanced over time. 

Environmental factors, like driving over rough terrain regularly, can also contribute to a balance problem. Minor manufacturing imperfections can make a tire unbalanced. This is why it's recommended that you have your tires rebalanced when you get new tires. 

Tires and wheels also are exact in their weight dimensions. This can lead to them being unbalanced. 

Consequences of Not Balancing Your Tires

Ace Auto Parts has the equipment and expertise to tell you if your car is out of balance. We also have the equipment needed to balance them and address any issues. Call us at 651-717-4299 or stop by Rice Street in St. Paul, Minnesota, today!

Not having your tires and wheels balanced on a regular basis can result in undesirable side effects, including the following.

Uneven Tread Wear

If the car's weight is not evenly distributed over each of the tires and the wheels, it could result in uneven tread wear. These patches of uneven wear mean that the entire tire wears more quickly. 

You likely won't be able to get the maximum amount of miles out of the tires. 

Poor Fuel Economy

Because the tires are not making contact with the road evenly and they aren't able to work in conjunction with one another, your vehicle's fuel economy suffers. 

Balancing your tires and wheels helps to redistribute the car's weight, leading to better and more efficient use of its fuel. 


Uneven weight distribution means that your car is not riding smoothly on its wheels. This leads to wobble or hops with vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel, seat, or floorboard. 

An unbalanced front tire results in vibrations felt in the steering wheel. Rear tires that are not correctly balanced typically result in a vibration in the floor or seat. You might also notice that these vibrations become worse as you speed up. 

Not only are these vibrations bothersome and make the ride in your car less comfortable, but they can also make it difficult to control and stop your car. 

Suspension System Issues 

Unbalanced tires can also negatively affect your car suspension. The vibrations caused by the unbalanced tires increase the stress on the components and can lead to issues like reduced performance, failure of the system, or premature wear.

Strange Sounds

One major annoyance for drivers is hearing strange noises coming from their vehicle, and unbalanced tires can contribute to this. When the tread is not touching the ground, this causes a higher vibration and increased road noise like a buzzing or humming.

Why You Should Have Your Tires Balanced

While it may feel easy to overlook unbalanced tires, you should take the time to have your tires serviced as soon as possible. There are several reasons why balanced tires are critical to your vehicle's reliability and well-being.

As a vehicle owner, you must take on several responsibilities to ensure your car continues to perform for years to come. One of those responsibilities includes taking your car into the shop to have the tires balanced. By ignoring this step, you run the risk of shortening your car's reliability and lifespan. 

Ace Auto Parts has the pieces, equipment, and guidance you need to successfully balance your car's tires. You can also have your tires professionally balanced with a quick and simple service at your local car shop. 

Here are several reasons why you should have your car's tires balanced.

A More Balanced Tread

When your tires aren't properly balanced, they won't develop the same amount of tread over the miles they drive. Even tread means more traction, better smooth acceleration performance, and better control. 

Better Fuel Efficiency

Balanced tires give your car even distribution as it contacts the road, allowing them to work at the same speed and efficiency. What this means is less drag, so your engine doesn't have to work harder to perform the way you want it to, reducing fuel consumption. 

Smoother Ride

No one enjoys riding in a car that vibrates and shakes while driving on the road, which is why having your car's tires balanced is critical. Proper balance gives you a more comfortable and enjoyable ride because your car's tires run more smoothly. 

Safer Driving Experience 

The most important reason to balance your tires is to keep you safer on the road. Unbalanced tires lead to uneven treadwear, creating bald spots that reduce control and have a risk of blowing out, especially at high speeds.

Investing in preventative maintenance like tire balancing helps your vehicle stay in great condition and keeps you safer on the road.

Discover More Ways to Take Care of Your Used Tires

Like new tires, used ones also need regular maintenance and care to increase longevity and performance. 

A few of our expert tips to keep your used tires in great shape are:

  • Ensure they have adequate pressure and never exceed five PSI higher or lower than the recommended pressure.

  • Getting regular rotations every 5000 to 7000 miles.

  • Scheduling routine tire balances and alignments.

Checking the tread by placing a quarter inside the grooves is also recommended. If Washington's head is revealed, this means you may need a replacement; if Washington's head is covered up, your tires should still be at a safe enough level to use.

Your St. Paul Used Auto Parts Experts

While unbalanced tires are a frequent result of years of driving, they still require immediate attention. By taking the time to regularly balance your tires, you'll be able to protect your car from avoidable malfunctions and excessive wear and tear. If you need new tires or other equipment to balance your car's tires manually, contact us at Ace Auto Parts today!

We have a wide selection of durable and reliable used car parts. We'll also take your junked vehicle off your hands and pay you with cash. To learn more about what Ace Auto Parts can do for you, call us today at 651-717-4299.