There are numerous reasons why you might need auto parts. Perhaps your current vehicle needs to be improved. Or maybe you have an older car that you want to fix up. Regardless of why you need them, consider the appeal of buying used auto parts instead of new the next time you have a project.


The Best Value

When you buy used auto parts, you can expect to pay less for them when compared to new ones. Whether you are counting on a part being the fix your car needs to give you thousands of miles of continued service or you only need a quick fix to last you for the next few months, the prices you'll pay for used auto parts are significantly lower than those that you'll be charged for new OEM auto parts or an aftermarket part.


Finding What You Need

Nearly every year, automakers bring out a refreshed version of their cars. In some cases, these changes are hardly noticeable while in others, it is a major overhaul. With this changes, the manufacturer constantly updates the parts their vehicles take. This means that many parts are discontinued. This could make it difficult for you to find the parts you need if you have an older car.


Another consideration to think about is that most people assume that a newer part is better because it encompasses the latest research, better materials and so on. Though the newer part might work on your older vehicle, chances are that it will only be an acceptable substitute rather than an exact fit.


Environmentally Friendly

When you buy used auto parts, you're helping to reduce the amount of trash that winds up in the landfill. Purchasing auto parts used extends their life and usefulness. One study estimated that of the vehicles that are deemed unusable, more than 76 percent had parts that could have been successfully salvaged and used elsewhere.


Used auto parts come in many forms from a steering wheel, headlight housing or an entire engine. Ace Auto Parts maintains an extensive selection of used auto parts. Serving the St. Paul, Minnesota area, we invite you to try our part search option that makes it quick and easy to locate the parts you need. You can also give us a call and our helpful staff will be glad to answer any questions. To learn more visit us online or give us a call at 651-717-4299.