The saying is true: You’re only as good as the tools you use. Therefore, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Below are our picks for the essentials, the tools that everybody should have while working on their cars. Which tools are you missing?


1.      Pliers
When it comes to working on cars, you need to get a grip…literally. Thus, pliers may be the most important weapon in your arsenal. Thankfully, there are all kinds of pliers for you to choose from. Cutting pliers, wire adjusting pliers, and adjustable pliers are three of the most common examples.

2.      Torque Wrench
Torque wrenches provide leverage for mechanics by allowing them to apply additional force to tighten or loosen a bolt. So if you’re not The Incredible Hulk, then you’ve got a backup with power to spare. Torque wrenches also come with adjustable heads so that you can tackle different size bolts or nuts.

3.      Allen ‘Hex’ Keys
Some screws have six sided holes in the head. While it is possible to use a basic screwdriver to loosen or tighten them, an Allen Wrench or ‘hex key’ is a better solution because of the precise fit. Allen keys usually come in sets with different sizes. They are either L or T shaped.

4.      Ratchet Extender
Sometimes your arms are not long enough, or your hands are too large to get into a tight space. That’s where the ratchet extender comes in handy. Simply attach the socket to the end of the extender and feed it into the area where you want to loosen or tighten a bolt. Extenders come in different lengths and bolt sizes.

5.      The Nut Splitter
This may be one of the greatest automotive tool inventions ever created. Place the nut splitter around the nut and squeeze as hard as you can. Then turn the tooth. The nut will break without the harming the threads around the bolt that it’s screwed on.

6.      Socket Extensions
Another tool that allows mechanics to get into tight spaces are socket extensions. You can purchase extensions in just about any size and length regardless of the size of the bolt. They give you reaching power as well as ample amount of torque to loosen or tighten the bolt.

7.      Picks
It is quite possible to waste a lot of time disconnecting wires and cable connectors. Automotive picks solve this problem almost instantly. Picks help you remove the cable connectors without harming the cables or wiring around the motor.

Having a box full of these useful tools will help you fix your car in a more efficient manner while using half your energy. At Ace Auto Parts, we can specialize in helping car owners in St. Paul, Minnesota find the right tools for the job. You can use our search tool on our website to find any auto part that you are looking for. You can also call us at 651-717-4299 or visit our office today.