At Ace Auto Glass Service, we recognize the value of a quality windshield in your car. Therefore, we provide a complete line of windshield and auto glass services. Below is a summary of the five main services we provide for both personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Windshield Replacement

If your windshield is not in good shape, then you could be compromising the safety of all passengers in your car. In the state of Minnesota, most insurance companies will pay for your windshield replacement without increasing your insurance rates. Check with your provider for details about your windshield coverage. Ace Auto Parts can remove the windshield in your vehicle and replace it with a new windshield.


Back Glass Installation

In addition to replacing windshields, we also offer back glass installation for all makes and models of vehicles. Back glass installation requires specialized training and skill to make sure that the window is properly placed in the back. All of our Ace Auto Parts technicians have the training and certification necessary to fully replace the back glass in your automobile. Simply bring your vehicle into our shop and we can install the glass right away.


Vent and Quarter Glass

In many vehicles, the glass is broken up into sections depending on the design of the car. The smaller the glass section, the stronger the glass is at resisting impact. Vent and quarter glass sections are usually placed toward the back of the car and sectioned off. Occasionally this type of window incurs damage and needs to be replaced. This can be a challenging job, which is why it is best that you leave it to the professionals to complete the installation.


Door Glass Replacement

Door glass replacement is a relatively simple job that can be completed in a short period.  Our window specialists can inspect your auto glass and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. If replacement is necessary, then we can perform the job. We simply remove the old broken door glass and insert and new glass into the door. We then align it with the track and put everything back together. Your door window will look and operate like new.


Ace Auto Parts Can Fix Your Auto Glass

At Ace Auto Parts we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality auto glass installation and replacement service anywhere in town. No matter where the glass is damaged on the vehicle, we can take care of it. Call us today at 651-717-4299, and let us help you with all your automobile glass replacement needs.