When you sell your car to a salvage yard, you’ll want to get the best price possible. To do this, you may want to know a few things about how salvage yards categorize their vehicles. Whether your car is still drivable or completely totaled, it is categorized according to the extent of its damage. Junkyards practice categorization to determine whether a vehicle contains any usable parts. At Ace Auto Parts, we work hard to make sure our used auto parts are in the best condition possible. Therefore, we categorize our vehicles according to their conditions. Here are the different categories of junked vehicles you should know about:


Category A

Category A vehicles have no usable parts. They have usually been through flooding or have extensive fire damage and have been written off by insurance companies. Such vehicles may be melted down and sold as scrap metal, or are destroyed completely. Vehicles in this category do not offer any opportunity for profit and typically cost more to transport than the value of their scrap metal.


Category B

Category B vehicles have also suffered extensive damage. Typically, vehicles in this category have extensive structural damage that render them undrivable. However, they may still contain a few usable parts. Parts from category B vehicles may be difficult to find, but they are often less expensive than parts from category C, D, and X vehicles.


Category C

Vehicles in this category typically have extensive damage but are somewhat drivable. They are usually repairable, but the labor and parts cost more than the vehicle is worth. They may be sold for repair but require extensive time and are typically not worth the effort. Category C vehicles contain many usable auto parts that are sold for use in working vehicles. Such parts are much less expensive than the list price of new vehicle parts, which can save consumers a substantial amount of money.


Category D

Category D vehicles have suffered light damage and the cost to repair them is typically less than the pre-accident value of the vehicle. However, they are still considered an insurance write off. These vehicles may be sold at a much lower price than their pre-accident values because they are issued a salvage title. If you have a small car buying budget, you may want to look into purchasing a category D vehicle. You can repair it yourself, or take it to a mechanic or body shop. Either way, you can usually save yourself a considerable amount of money.


Category X

These vehicles are the rarest kind of car found in a junkyard. They have no visible damage and are still considered drivable. Because of their condition, they are also the most expensive cars found in salvage yards. Typically, such vehicles have been repossessed or are stolen vehicles that were never claimed. Either way, you can save a great deal of money by purchasing a vehicle in this category.


Salvage Yard in St. Paul Minnesota

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