Looking for an automotive part is a daunting task. Save time and money with the experts at Ace Auto Parts. We provide salvage, used auto parts, repairs, and installation services to the St. Paul, Minnesota area. We can help you find quality parts for nearly any vehicle made. Are you searching for used tires or a battery? Ace has those too. Let's find out how to make locating the parts you need quick and easy.


Find Your Part With Three Simple Auto Descriptions

Locate any car part with three things: make, model, and year. The manufacturer or “make” of the car can be, for example, Dodge, Buick, Chevy, Acura Toyota, etc. The model is the name or brand of that specific vehicle, such as S10, NSX, Navigator, etc. If the year is unknown, discover it by deciphering the last character in the VIN. This number is a unique identifier and located somewhere on the car. If you are unable to determine any of these three items, simply visit an automotive specialist.


Advanced Inventory Search Applications

Now that you have the three components necessary, search the inventory module on our auto part website, or download an easy-to-use smartphone app. With the automotive make, model, and year, you can quickly find information about each part including pictures, availability, and current location. You can even scan your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for an easier, more accurate search.


Available Parts

There are on average 30,000 parts in one single automobile. Various suppliers make many of the parts so it’s important you go through a reputable auto part company to ensure you get the exact part needed. With so many options, use an expert auto part service provider so you are certain you get the right part for your car or truck. Whether searching the salvage yard or going through multiple vendors, here are just some of the more commonly sought after used auto parts:

●        Tires

●        Batteries

●        Engines

●        Bumpers

●        Doors

●        Transmissions

●        Front Ends

●        Radiators



Quality Used Auto Parts in the Twin Cities

Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul, Minnesota has an extensive inventory of used auto parts. Our team of automotive experts and advanced searching technology will help you find the part you need. We also provide repair and installation services to the Twin Cities metro area. Get your vehicle up and running by calling us today at 651-717-4299, or you can message us on our contact page.