At some point in time, with the exception of unique and valuable vehicles, you may come to realize it is time to retire your car from the road. Cars that are old and worn out often need extensive and expensive repairs that just aren’t worth it. There comes a time to scrap them, giving your car the chance to live on in a new life by donating its viable parts to help keep other cars on the road. When the time has come to retire your vehicle, you will find selling it to a salvage yard is the easiest method. Follow these tips to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Other automobile drivers and mechanics often rely on junkyards to find parts they need at a reasonable price.


Common items purchased at salvage yards include:

●        Complete engines

●        Various used auto parts

●        Used batteries

●        Used tires


Remove Your Personal Belongings

Make sure you clear the vehicle of any personal belongings. Do not overlook storage areas such as glovebox, center console, and trunk. You don’t want to find out later you sent important documents or keepsakes to the junkyard. In the age of identity theft, you also can’t be too careful with your personal information.


Keep Valuable Components

If an agreement has already been made to sell the vehicle as-is, then you must honor that agreement. However, you may be able to negotiate the sale so that you may remove valuable part beforehand. Parts such as used batteries and custom wheels with used tires can be sold separately or used on another vehicle you own. You may also be able to remove and sell aftermarket electronics separately for much more than if left in the vehicle.


You may wish to keep your vehicle’s:

●        GPS system

●        After-market stereo system

●        Exhaust system

●        Fenders

●        Spoiler


Empty the Gas Tank

Gasoline remains a precious commodity, and the salvage yard must drain all the fluids when processing cars for recycling. There is no reason to waste that liquid gold in your gas tank. If you have a significant amount of fuel left in the car, try to use it up if the car is still drivable. Otherwise, consider draining it to use for yourself to use in other vehicles.


Check Your Car’s Legal Title

If you have a clear title in your name, then you should find no difficulty transferring ownership to the recycler. If you have a clear title but have lost or misplaced it, you may retrieve a copy from the state, but will likely have to wait a week or more. This process differs from state to state, so check your local regulations. You may still be able to sell the car without a title, but expect more difficulty in finding a buyer and possibly a lower offer.


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