If you think you’re car magically disappears at a salvage yard, you’re not far from the truth. Salvage yards exist to buy used cars and then turn a profit by selling off the parts. There are cases, however, when a salvage may restore a vehicle and put it back on the market.


Ace Auto Parts buys and sells used cars in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are happy to take your vehicle off your hands. Call us today to find out how much your clunker may be worth.


Providing Proof of Ownership


Before we buy your old car, you must first provide proof that you own it. Although most salvage yards require you to bring the tag or the title, some may also require the registration. You may also be asked to provide identification such as your driver's license.


If you don’t have proof of ownership, you may be able to go to your local county courthouse or DMV to retain the necessary documents.


EOL Vehicle VIN Numbers Removed From the System


As long as the vehicle is in your position, the state of Minnesota requires you to register it annually and to carry insurance on the car. If you want to relieve yourself of this responsibility, we need to remove the vehicle from the system.


Thankfully, we can do this for you. Once the car is in our possession, we categorize it as an End-of-Life Vehicle. The vehicle is either worn out or damaged beyond repair.


We permanently remove the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the DMV records. Once we remove the VIN, no one can legally purchase the car, repair it, or resell it without the DMV’s knowledge.


It is officially a salvage yard vehicle.


Salvage Yard Vehicles are Ready to Recycle


Once the vehicle arrives at our salvage yard and we remove it from the DMV, we may recycle the car. In our industry, recycling means that we can sell the used part. We do this one of two ways:


1.      We Remove the Parts. We scour the vehicle and look for the parts that we can resell. We enter the parts into our system and add them to our inventory. You may look up the parts on our website or use our handy app. You can also call for a part request.

2.      You Remove the Parts. Once we have gutted the vehicle, we put it in the salvage yard if there is anything left to salvage. You can comb the junkyard to look for any available car make and model. Once you have identified the car you’re looking for, you can pull the parts of the vehicle. Simply pay for them at checkout, and you’re ready to.


Ace Auto Parts Has Your Used Parts in Minneapolis, Minnesota


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