Do you have an old car that you need to remove from your property? Let Ace Auto parts take it off your hands. We purchase old unregistered vehicles that you no longer drive.


Below are some tips for selling your car to a salvage yard. If you have any further questions or need to schedule a pickup, then contact us at 651-717-4299.

1. Avoid Scheduling a Pickup in Bad Weather

A salvage yard is unlikely to pick up your vehicle in inclement weather. Please check the forecast and schedule a pickup when the weather is more favorable. An Ace Auto Parts technician can arrive and pull your car away when the weather outside is pleasant.

2. Remove Any Obstructions Away From the Car

We want to pick up your car or truck as efficiently as possible. Therefore, please make sure that there is no obstruction around the vehicle when we come to pick it up.


We recommend that you move the vehicle as close to the road as possible. Since we are driving a tow-truck, we may not be able to drive through a field or in a tight space to pick up the car from the rear. If you relocate the vehicle to the side of the road, we can pick it up quickly and remove it right away.

3. Clear all Titles and Liens on the Vehicle

Ace Auto Parts wants to conduct all business legally and ethically. Before a vehicle can be considered junk the state of Minnesota, you need to surrender the title, the license plates, and cancel the insurance on the car.


You also need to pay any lenders or anyone else you owe money to and remove any liens on the car. Clearing the title and claims against the car will allow you to sell the vehicle to salvage yard legally. 

4. Remove All Items From the Car

Look in the cabin, glove compartment, center console, and, the trunk to see if there are any personal items you may have left behind. Make sure the car is thoroughly cleaned out. You may also want to remove any valuable items you installed after you purchased the vehicle such as a custom stereo.

Sell Your Car at Ace Auto Parts

We pay cash for old cars as soon as you make a legal sell and fill out the paperwork. We pay a fair market price for all junk vehicles, as well as provide free towing at no additional expense.

Ace Auto Parts also offers a wide selection of used auto parts in our salvage yard and our store. Check our online search tool or download our app to find the part you need.


To find out more about our salvage yard or to ask about an auto part, call us at 651-717-4299. You can also message us on our contact page.