The perception by many vehicle owners is that used auto parts are no longer usable. In fact, many drivers will spend hundreds of dollars to buy new parts to avoid what they believe is a hassle associated with used parts.


However, these misconceptions can also cost you more money than necessary. Aftermarket parts built for your car may not perform any better than getting an original manufacturer part from a salvage yard.

1. There Are Perfectly Good Used Auto Parts in Salvage Yards

Unless a vehicle was obliterated in a fire or explosion, there are still several usable parts left on it. For instance, if an SUV is hit in the front and deemed ‘totalled’ by an insurance company, we can still salvage many of the internal components and external parts from the rest of the vehicle.


These are parts that weren’t damaged or worn out. You can still get plenty of mileage from them without spending too much money on new parts. Just because you purchase a part from a junkyard doesn’t mean it’s a piece of junk.

2. You Can Save a Ton of Money

The big question with auto parts is cost versus performance. In other words, will how much you pay for a part be worth what you get out of it? In some cases, buying new parts is the best option. However, in most cases, purchasing used auto parts from a salvage yard like Ace Auto Parts will be worth the investment. We check each part for quality and ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. You can save 50% to 75% on most parts and still get the performance you need for your car.

3. Buying Used Parts is Environmentally Beneficial

There are some fringe benefits to purchasing used auto parts. First, you’re helping the environment. Installing a used auto part on your vehicle reduces manufacturing and recycling costs. Second, you’re supporting the local economy in the Twin Cities metro area. Local companies like Ace Auto Parts can find the right used auto parts for your car at half the cost. This is a better alternative to purchasing parts from businesses out of town.

Ace Auto Parts is Minneapolis’s Most Trusted Salvage Yard

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