Companies that rely on their vehicles to deliver products, transport goods, and provide services to their clients know the destructive power of a single automobile accident. These tips help you reduce the likelihood that you or your employees will fall victim to an automobile accident in your company vehicles.

1.      Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

In reality, not every business owner has the means to invest in a new vehicle. Purchasing a used vehicle preserves precious cash flow for other purposes. However, these vehicles can be more trouble than they're worth. A common problem with used cars is recall information. Vehicles are routinely recalled for safety issues. If you're buying anything other than a certified pre-owned car, you could be buying a potential problem that unwittingly increases your chance of an accident.


2.      Educate and Motivate

Invest in defensive driving classes for your employees. These classes teach essential skills that help them navigate a variety of traffic situations. Defensive driving techniques like being attentive, threat assessment, and quick decision-making can be the key to avoiding accidents in company vehicles. After the class, motivate your employees to continue applying these techniques with driver's contracts. These signed documents hold the employee to certain behaviors behind the wheel. It also spells out any consequences for not following established rules.


3.      Get Digital Support

Onboard monitoring devices are the best way to track and identify driver behaviors that can contribute to accidents. Managers can collect data on things like speed, breaking, and idle time to determine if drivers are following safe driving protocols. This information can then be used for training and discipline purposes. However, these devices offer a number of other important benefits as well.


a.      Some systems include GPS functions with real-time traffic conditions. Drivers can easily alter their route to avoid unsafe conditions.

b.      Real-time tracking can be used to alert customers to arrival times, which positively impacts customer satisfaction rates.

c.      GPS systems that require a log-on before vehicle operation increase accountability and compliance with safe driving practices.


4.      Make Your Vehicles Noticeable

Use a combination of decoration and safety features to increase the visibility of your vehicles and reduce the likelihood of accidents.


a.      Choose lighter colors for the body of your vehicles if you'll be working late hours. White reflects more light and reduces the chances of nighttime collisions.

b.      Install roof lights for your trucks.

c.      Display your company's name and phone number prominently so members of the public can alert you to any issues with your vehicles or driver behaviors.


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