Do you have a car sitting in your yard that could be called vintage if it ran and was missing a few dings? It seems like no matter what price tag you put on it, you can't get any takers and your wife, mother, or neighbors are calling it an eyesore. They say you ought to get it towed, but you just don't want to sink any more money into that thing. A salvage yard like Ace Auto Parts could be the total answer to your problem.

Clear Your Garage without Spending a Cent

If you are simply ready to have that old junker gone, give Ace Auto Parts a call. We will ask about the make, model, year, and title status of the ride and then make you an offer. If you agree to the price, we send a tow truck to your house and simply make it gone. You sign over the title, and we hand you the payment. It does not matter if the car won't roll—we can get it on a flat back with no problem.

What Will Happen to Your Car at the Salvage Yard?

Why do salvage yards pay for your old ride? We actively recycle almost every component of the vehicle. We will add the car to our huge inventory of used car parts and other owners looking to repair their ride on a budget may buy the tires, radiator, radio, seats, bumper fascias, doors, name it! Once it is parted out, we recycle the battery, steel, rubber, and aluminum components. Everybody wins.

I Really Wanted to Fix It. Can I Get Parts for My Old Ride?

So, that 70s muscle car has been taking up space in your garage because you always wanted to bring it back to life? Have you checked out the available used auto parts at Ace Auto Parts? Instead of dragging that old gem away, we could help you find the parts you need to get it up and running. You don't need to go climbing through the entire yard to find the part. We do the dirty work for you. Just come into our clean and bright office, talk to our parts specialists, and we will pull the part for you.


Whether you are totally ready to send your junker to its final resting place or are prepared to get the parts to fix it up, give us a call at 651-717-4299. Ace Auto Parts is here to help keep as many older cars like yours stay on the road and in good repair.