Many usable auto parts end up in salvage yards every day, including tires. If you need tires for your automobile, and money is tight or you don't want to invest in new tires, you may be considering buying used tires. Knowing what to look for when you buy used tires helps to ensure you are getting tires that are safe and have life left in them. Here are three important factors to consider anytime you are looking at purchasing used tires.

1.      The Age of the Tires

One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking at used tires is the age of the tire. It’s recommended that tires be replaced at least every seven years, even if the tread still looks good. The rubber on tires begins to break down due to exposure to the sun, weather elements, and road conditions.

Every tire produced after the year 2000 has a marking on it that indicates the week the tire was manufactured and the year. For example, 4208 means that the tire was made the 42nd week of 2008. 3115 means that the tires was made the 31st week of 2015. Look for this marking on the tire next to the marking that indicates the size to see how old the tire is.

2.      The Tread on the Tires

The amount of tread left on a tire is also an important factor to check when you are buying used tires. The average new tire has around to 12/32 of an inch of tread on the tire. You should start to think about replacing your tires when they have 4/32 of an inch left. As such, if the tire you are looking at is closer to 4/32 of an inch as opposed to 10/32 of an inch, it may not have much life left in it.

3.      The Seams Along the Tire

Lastly, carefully inspect the seams of the tire. You want to look for any bubbles, pulling or splitting seams, or signs of patches or plugs. Damage to the seams can lead to a blowout, so you want to ensure the seams look like they are in good condition without any obvious signs of wear or damage.


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