If you have no problem getting dirty or building things without instructions, repairing your vehicle with parts from a junkyard might be everything you've been wanting to get involved in. So what are the perks you may ask? Here's a look at how you can save serious amounts of money by visiting a junkyard for vehicle repair parts.

What Can a Junkyard Save You?

In many instances, simply having no knowledge about car parts can be incredibly expensive given the lack of automotive "know how" you carry. There are several instances in which a customer will pay almost $200 for a refurbished or new part that would only cost $50 at a junkyard. Depending on the part you're looking for, even prices on eBay can't hold a candle to what you'd save at a junkyard. Even if you add in the cost of labor for someone else to install the part that needs replacement, you'll still be saving hundreds at the end of the day.

Who Frequents Junkyards?

Most of the people who visit junkyards are individuals who work on their own vehicles and don't need automotive repair shops. It's also worth mentioning that if you happen to have a newer vehicle, it's likely you won't find what you're looking for at a junkyard. Most newer or high-end vehicles aren’t in junk yards.


Even if a unique vehicle part isn't what you're looking for, many people come to junkyards for tires. Many vehicles end up in junkyards because of mechanical reasons, so their tires still have quite a bit of life left in them. But no matter what the reasons may be for a person to visit a junkyard, everyone is saving money at the end of the day.

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