Ace Auto Parts buys junkers! Believe it or not, you can make quite a few extra dollars by selling your vehicle to a junkyard. That's right; even if the vehicle is simply worn out or has been in a wreck, there are still a few things you can do to turn a profit on a vehicle that no longer has any use. Here's a look at why selling your vehicle to a junkyard is an excellent choice and a few ways you can maximize what you get back for you junk vehicle.

Junkyard Selling Tips

It's worth mentioning that you may be eligible for a junkyard tax reduction (which is in addition to what will be made for junking a vehicle) if the vehicle is sold as a significant loss to the owner. So regardless of the outcome, here are some excellent tips for selling your vehicle to a junkyard:

●        Get in touch with local junkyards to get an estimate of what your vehicle is worth. To get a better estimate of what you could make from your vehicle, know the make, model, and damage the vehicle has. The junkyard will have quite a few questions about your vehicle, so giving them proper answers will help them culminate a better estimate.

●        Once you have an idea of the junkyard in which you'll want to sell your vehicle to, it's time to prepare the vehicle. Make sure your personal items are removed from the vehicle before it’s taken to the junkyard. It's the last time you'll be in ownership of the vehicle, so it's important to take out what's yours before the vehicle is out of your hands.

●        Once your vehicle is finally on their lot, a junkyard employee will inspect the vehicle. If they're receiving what was described over the phone, they'll likely give you the estimated amount that was given over the phone. If anything was left out of the over the phone about the vehicle, now would be an excellent time to mention it. Once an agreement is made about the vehicle's worth, you'll sign over the title and be given cash or a business check.

●        Once a week passes, you'll want to check in with the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure the vehicle title has transferred. If the title transfer is delayed, it's possible you can be found liable for mishaps during the transfer.

Considering the information above, there are plenty of reasons why selling your vehicle to a junkyard is a fantastic decision. Thankfully, Ace Auto Parts is here to help you do so. Contact us today for further information!