When your car isn’t working properly, it is troubling. Your mind starts to think of any possible reason that could be causing your car to malfunction. With the complexities of a car’s machinery, you may think that any misperformance is part of a bigger problem. Sometimes, however, the cause of your car’s strange performance can be as simple as needing to change the battery. The lifespan of your car battery typically depends on your location and the conditions in which your car is driving. In a place like Minnesota, weather conditions get extreme, which can cause a battery to die quickly.


Your car battery may be dying because of the following:


●        Dimming Headlights and Dashboard | The battery is the main source of power for the electric details in your car. This includes your headlights, dashboard, electric clock, radio, and interior lights. When you notice these start to dim or burn out altogether, this is usually a good indicator your car battery is dying. Powering the lights in and on your car is difficult when the battery is dying.


●        The Engine is Turning Over Slowly or Not at All | When your car sounds as if it’s struggling to turn over, this could mean it’s due for a new battery. In Minnesota’s cold environment, recharging a dead battery is a common occurrence; however, if you find your car requires a jump start more often than usual, consider getting a new battery. A new battery can hold its charge and withstand cold temperatures better than an aged battery.


●        The Check Engine Light is On | While that pesky check engine light could mean any number of issues, it could also indicate a dying battery. When you notice your check engine light is on, take your car to an auto shop. Mechanics can test your battery and decipher whether it’s the cause of the glowing check engine light.


●        You Realize It’s Been a Few Years Since the Car Battery Has Been Replaced | If your car battery is more than three years old, a good rule of thumb is to take it to a mechanic for an inspection. This will give you an idea as to your battery’s state and lifespan. Understanding the current status of your battery prevents you from experiencing any surprise mishaps due to an unexpected dead battery.


The battery is an extremely critical part of a car. From the headlights to the engine, the battery keeps your ride operating efficiently and effectively. As a car owner, it’s important to notice the signs your battery is dying. After all, being stranded in a cold Minnesota winter with a dead battery is the last thing you want to happen!


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