Tires are a critical component of the overall operation of your vehicle. The tires on your car help you move and travel safely from point A to point B. Because of their high importance, it’s critical to recognize the signs that you’re in need of new tires.


●        They have a worn-down appearance. New tires that are in good shape will have grooves in their designs that permit your car to tread. If your tires are starting to appear bald, or smooth with no grips and grooves, then it is time to get your car some new ones.


●        They keep losing significant air. If you find your car regularly telling you the tire pressure is low, be sure to take note. It’s normal for tires to require a quick fill-up every once and a while but if your tires continue to lose air even after filling them, it may be a sign its time to replace your tires.


●        Cords are sticking out of the tire. When your tires appear to have cords or wires coming out of it, replace them as soon as you can. This is a sign of excessive wear and makes your car extremely unsafe for driving.


●        You’re driving in a lot of snow. Certain areas, such as Minnesota, experience more snow than other places. If you find yourself driving in the snow frequently throughout the year, you may want to consider replacing your regular tires with snow tires. While driving in the snow with regular tires isn’t the worst thing you can do to your car, it does wear down your tires faster than normal. Winter tires can also allow you to drive safer and gain more traction in the snow than regular tires.


●        Years have passed since getting your current tires. Vehicle manufacturers recommend car owners replace their tires once every six years. If you think it’s been a while since you had your current tires installed, consider getting new ones. You can also access the specific recommendation for your tires by researching your own vehicle’s manufacturer.


Worn-down and malfunctioning tires can increase your degree of risk while driving. As a car owner, it’s critical to recognize when your car requires new tires to enhance not only your safety, but also the longevity of your car’s lifespan. For a selection of affordable, gently used, and dependable tires, contact Ace Auto Parts today. Our selection of used car parts will keep your vehicle operating with top-notch performance.