If you have used motor oil and you’re not sure how to dispose of it, there are eco-friendly ways to make sure that it doesn’t end-up in a landfill, where it can damage the environment. Instead, you can make sure the oil is properly disposed of or recycled, by following the eco-friendly tips below. You and your community will be glad you did.


Sealed Storage Containers


The first step in protecting the environment is making sure that your used motor oil is stored in a stable, properly seal container. Many people use plastic milk jugs or empty oil bottles as storage containers, which can get the job done. The most important thing, though, is to make sure the oil doesn’t seep out of the containers onto the ground or down a storm drain. This type of contamination is bad for you and your community.


Avoid Mixing Fluids


Keeping your used motor oil separate from other fluids is important for recycling purposes. There are designated collection centers for used oil, but if the oil is contaminated, they may not accept it. The net result being that it becomes much more difficult to dispose of contaminated oil. However, there are collection centers that will take the oil, even if it is contaminated. Keeping your used oil separate will allow it to be recycled and reused, which is beneficial for society.


Recycle Frequently


Recycling your used motor oil frequently keeps it from being forgotten in your garage, which has the potential to cause you problems later on. For example, if your storage containers are of poor quality, after time the oil may begin to leak in your garage and become a hazard. So, get the oil out of the way as quickly as possible, to avoid future complications.


Use Certified Recyclers


Taking your oil to a certified recycler or collection point is important, because you don’t want amateurs trying to dispose of your oil. Make sure the collection point you visit has it’s credentials. Otherwise, you may contaminate the environment, even though you were trying to do the exact opposite.


If you’re going to dispose of your oil, you might as well do it the right way and protect the environment. Use the four aforementioned tips to reduce your environmental footprint, while keeping your garage or shop free of old fluids.