When looking for a new car, shoppers often hesitate to purchase cars with a salvage title. Despite being routinely reminded to stay away from salvage titled cars, the cars’ low prices and low mileage odometers may still tempt you to purchase the vehicle. There are several reasons why you should still remain cautious of these purchases.


Unknown Repair Job | Salvage titled cars were once severely damaged to the point where the repair would cost more than the car itself. Often, you see a salvage title car after it has been repaired without knowing who fixed it. Without this key information, it can be hard to know whether a legitimate and trustworthy person previously owned or repaired the car. People can easily fix cars inexpensively and then sell the car for more money to make a quick and easy profit.


Safety Risks | New cars are equipped with intricate safety features and technological arrangements that protect the driver and passengers. A totaled car is extremely difficult to repair it in a way that makes it as safe and secure as it once was. Especially when fixed with cheap repairs and temporary solutions, salvage titled cars can be dangerous to drive.


Faulty Mileage Display | When car shopping, one of the most important factors a buyer may look at is a car’s mileage. When a car’s mileage is lower, it typically increases the car’s value and price. Unfortunately, people who repair and resell salvage titled cars can swap the mileage odometer with one that displays a lower number. This can lead you to purchase a car with a much shorter lifespan than you initially thought.


Untrustworthy Used Parts | When unethical buyers fix a damaged vehicle, they may use untested and faulty car parts. The buyer may also use another car’s parts to hide the fact that the salvage titled car is a stolen vehicle, which can result in you losing your newly-purchased vehicle. Purchasing a car with untested parts and a stolen history will result in a series of issues.


Difficult And Expensive to Insure | Because salvage titled cars don’t have a Blue Book value, finding an insurance plan is more difficult. Insurance companies have a hard time determining a salvage car’s lifespan or how well the car will hold up in an accident, so they typically charge higher prices for coverage, compared to a normal car.


When purchasing a new car, you should have a thorough understanding of the car’s history and status. Knowing where the cars’ parts came from and the car’s previous buyers can help you determine whether a car is worth purchasing. When it comes to salvage titled cars, it’s best to look past the appealing low price and focus on the overall longevity of the car’s life and reliability.


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