When it comes to finding a way to fix a broken car, there are several options you can consider. But if you want to perform your home repairs, you can purchase brand-new parts or stop by a salvage yard and pick up quality used car parts at a major discount.

While determining the best method for your car can be challenging, purchasing used car parts can supply you with several benefits. Read on for six excellent reasons to consider buying used, discount auto parts from a reputable salvage yard like Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul.

Save Money

One of the most notable reasons for purchasing used car parts is the money you can save. Used parts are typically significantly less expensive than brand-new car parts. Especially for older cars, buying used parts makes the most economic sense. 

Because shops typically test used parts before selling them, you can feel confident knowing the part can properly serve your car. And, because reputable salvage yards sell their parts with limited warranties, you can rest assured your part will work correctly or you'll get your money back. 


At Ace Auto Parts, our experts evaluate our selection of parts to ensure they are safe for use and have usable life left in them. Although you may have heard or read that using used vehicle parts to perform repairs is always an unsafe and risky bet, that's a common misconception. 

Properly extracted and tested used car parts are reliable for you and your vehicle.


Reusing materials such as steel and plastic can reduce the environment-harming resources needed to repair your vehicle. Because these materials are included in many car parts, reusing these types of components can cut down on the manufacturing of additional materials and, therefore, help reduce your environmental footprint.

Junkyard Doesn't Mean Junk

Unless a vehicle was obliterated in a fire or explosion, several usable parts remain on it. For instance, if an SUV is hit in the front and deemed 'totaled' by an insurance company, we can still salvage many of the internal components and external parts from the rest of the vehicle. 

These are parts that weren't damaged or worn out. You can still get plenty of mileage from them without spending too much money on new parts. Just because you purchase a part from a junkyard doesn't mean that it's a piece of junk.

Installation Assistance

Not only does Ace Auto Parts supply a wide selection of affordable used car parts, but we also provide installation services for various parts. If you're interested in buying used parts but aren't sure how to install your new purchases, allow our team of experts to help out. 

From car tires to side mirrors, our auto experts can help you securely install your new parts and get back on the road!

Extensive Selection of Parts

Large, long-standing salvage yards (like Ace Auto Parts – we've been here nearly 100 years!) typically have an incredible selection of discount auto parts. Whether you're looking for a part for a newer vehicle or need a traditionally tough-to-find part for an older ride, there's a good chance you can find what you need. 

At Ace, we also have connections with several salvage yards in Minnesota and elsewhere. If we don't have the part you're looking for, we'll do our best to help you get your hands on it!

OEM Parts Available at Affordable Prices

When replacing a damaged car part, you likely know you can order new parts online at a discount. But those parts are aftermarket parts, and it can be tough to determine the quality of such parts since so many manufacturers build low-quality parts on the cheap. They might look nice on the outside, but they're often poorly made and may put your vehicle's functionality or safety at risk. 

When you buy discount auto parts from a salvage yard, you typically get OEM parts, not aftermarket. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and means that the part was created by the manufacturer that created the part for the brand-new vehicle. 

In most cases, the part is the initially installed component and was pulled directly from the car when it arrived at the yard. 

Car Parts You Should Buy Used

When it comes to purchasing discount auto parts from a salvage yard, there are some that are almost always a safe bet, while others are better to buy new. 

Of course, the quality of specific parts will vary from yard to yard, but at a quality salvage yard (like Ace Auto Parts!), you can safely buy the following parts used and save yourself some cash.


Many times, junked cars arrive at the lot with tires that are in near-perfect condition. Because many car accidents damage the car's body rather than the tires, you can feel confident knowing you'll be able to find tires with minimal wear and a good amount of mileage left on them.


Wheel rims are another auto piece that often arrives at the part shop in good condition. Because rims are built to withstand immense pressure and weight, they often remain unscathed after a collision. 

If you're in need of new rims for your vehicle, consider buying a used set!

Rear View & Side Mirrors

Mirrors that aren't cracked, broken, or chipped can still serve a purpose on another vehicle. If you're in need of a new side or rearview mirror, opting for a used mirror is an excellent way to save money while still getting the part you need.

Power Locks

When the power locks on your car wear out and malfunction, you may feel tempted to spend however much it takes to lock your vehicle with ease again. At a salvage yard such as Ace Auto Parts, you can find power locks for a much more affordable price compared to buying the part brand new. 

While a salvage vehicle may not be able to run anymore, that doesn't mean the power locks aren't useable. Power locks are a dependable auto piece to buy used. Brand-new power lock systems can cost a hefty amount of money, however, used power locks are exceptionally affordable. 

The team at Ace Auto Parts can help you find the best power locks for your vehicle. Stop by to look through our available selection of power locks!


When a vehicle reaches the end of its lifespan, the windshield often remains perfectly intact. Because of their usable condition, windshields are a noteworthy auto part to purchase used. 

By buying a used windshield, you can save hundreds of dollars!


Ace Auto Parts supplies a selection of refurbished transmissions for various vehicles. While a new transmission may cost you thousands of dollars, a used one can work just as well and save you a generous amount of money.


Whether your engine needs extensive (and expensive) repairs or it's due for replacement, it's never a bad idea to consider buying a used one. New engines typically cost anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000, depending on whether your vehicle requires a four-cylinder, a V6, or a V8.

On the other hand, used engines typically cost several thousand dollars less than their brand-new counterparts. At Ace, we also offer limited warranties on all engine purchases, and you can check out our warranty terms for both transmissions and engines here.

Fenders & Bumpers

Got in a little fender bender? Or maybe a super-considerate driver hit your parked vehicle and drove away? Don't pay more than you need for a new fender or bumper because you can likely find a perfect match at a salvage yard for a fraction of the cost of a new part.

Should You Ever Buy Used Auto Glass?

Salvage yards are positively loaded with used vehicles and their auto parts. While purchasing and installing some of those parts may not be in a conscientious vehicle owner's best interest, auto glass isn't one of them. Rather, used auto glass functions just like its new counterpart, and, depending on the type of vehicle you own, second-hand auto glass can be straightforward to find. 

Aside from the fact that salvage yards carry an extensive selection of used auto glass, opting for used instead of new offers other benefits, too.

Significant Cost Savings

On average, a new windshield costs about $150-$300, while used auto glass from a salvage yard can cost you as little as $50. If you need automobile glass repair on a budget, opting for used instead of new is your best bet.

On-Site Glass Installation

Many high-quality salvage yards (like Ace Auto Parts!) will perform glass installation for you when you purchase a windshield, side window, or rear window from their location. Professional assistance is invaluable when replacing auto glass, given the safety issues that can occur with improper installation. 

While you'll certainly get onsite installation if you visit an auto glass repair shop, getting used glass installed onsite at a salvage yard is significantly more affordable.

Opportunity to Get a Hard-to-Find Glass

Salvage yards might be chock full of newer-model vehicles and their used auto glass, but they often also have older-model cars (and sometimes even antiques) from which you can pull hard-to-find windshields and other windows. 

If you're restoring an old ride, going to a salvage yard to find the auto glass you need will save you a sizeable chunk of change and cut down the waiting period associated with ordering a custom-piece glass for an antique vehicle. 

Purchase Quality Used Car Parts in St. Paul!

If your car (and wallet) could benefit from used car parts, stop by Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul today. We supply our customers with a wide selection of used, discounted auto parts, from mechanical parts and tires to side mirrors, auto glass, and everything in between. We also buy junker automobiles for cash and pick up your old eyesore of a vehicle directly from your property.

To learn more about our selection of used car parts or how you can sell us your junk car, call us at 651-717-4299. You can also take advantage of our parts search app or online parts search tool to see what we have in stock!