When your car malfunctions, you may mentally prepare yourself for an expensive repair. Even though your car may only require a new part, new parts can still cost a lot of money. Depending on the part, however, you may be able to save a good amount of cash by purchasing a used car part. There are several car parts in particular that you should consider purchasing at a salvage yard.


●        Tires

One of the most popular used car parts people purchase is tires. Many cars in the junkyard have experienced some kind of damage unrelated to the tires. Tires are one of the most durable components of a car and oftentimes owners only put a small number of miles on the tires before disposing of the car altogether. If your car is in need of new tires, consider stopping by to Ace Auto Parts to find your next batch and save money.


●        Mirrors

Similar to tires, mirrors remain extremely useful even after a car is taken to the junkyard. When a car can’t be driven any longer, the mirrors are often still perfectly intact. Next time you lose a side mirror or you’re in need of a new rearview mirror, consider taking a look at Ace Auto Parts’ inventory. Our selection of mirrors could save you a good amount of money compared to a standard retail store.


●        Rims

Because of their high durability, wheel rims often avoid damage even when they experience serious collisions. Rather than purchasing an expensive new set of wheel rims, consider purchasing used rims that are in near perfect condition. Buying used wheel rims will save you a lot of money.


●        Windows and Glass

Sometimes an accident may leave you with a shattered windshield or set of windows. Instead of purchasing brand new windows, consider saving hundreds of dollars by stopping in an auto parts shop for a used set. Because junked cars often still have their window system still intact, purchasing your replacements used can be an excellent alternative to purchasing a brand new set.


●        Transmission

Hearing your car requires a new transmission can be disheartening. Transmissions are notorious for their expensive replacement costs and the entire process can result in thousands of dollars spent. Save yourself some extra cash by stopping in to Ace Auto Parts. We sell refurbished transmissions and provide a junkyard for you to pick out a used transmission yourself.


Put an end to breaking the bank every time your car requires a new part. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by taking a look through our inventory here at Ace Auto Parts. You may be surprised at the high-quality parts you find. For more information on our services and used car part inventory, contact us today at 651-717-4299.