St. Paul Fire Department Training at Ace Auto Parts

Posted on August 14th, 2011 by admin

Ace Auto Parts - Old Building

Thanks to the help of Ace Auto Parts, 425 St. Paul firefighters now have a better handle on the “jaws of life” as a result of eight hours of concentrated auto extrication training. This training is critical to vehicle rescue situations.

Ace Auto Parts provided vehicles, training space and special wrecking services to the St. Paul Fire Department for the training exercises. In total, the program included 100 automobiles and a total of 588 crash scenarios.

Joe Blank, the primary instructor from the St. Paul Fire Department, said “If I needed a crushed top, I got one; when we asked for a flipped vehicle, it was turned upside down.”

The relationship between Ace Auto Parts and the St. Paul Fire Department is an established one, in large part due to the 2005 inferno which destroyed Ace Auto Parts building. Even today, Ace Auto Parts calls this as the company’s defining moment.

Ace Auto Employees Enjoy Junkyard Pilates

Posted on June 26th, 2011 by admin

Junkyard Pilates - Ace Auto Parts

Working at the largest auto parts and junkyard in St. Paul is not an easy task, so reducing workplace injuries is an important part of Ace Auto Parts commitment to our employees and their safety.

Since May of 2010, employees have participated in weekly Pilates classes. As a company, we hope the exercises will improve balance and strengthen muscle groups in the back and shoulders. Ultimately, this will lead to fewer workplace injuries.

The program has been especially helpful to Ace Auto Parts dismantlers, who work with their arms in the air for most of the day removing parts from cars suspended above them.

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