When your vehicle is beyond repair and it’s time to take it to the salvage yard, you may be wondering what happens after you drop it off. There are a few procedures the salvage company completes after you leave your vehicle behind and go home with your newly earned cash.

At Ace Auto Parts, we take junk vehicles off of people’s hands in exchange for cash. All you have to do is prepare your vehicle for our reception and enjoy your new money while we take care of the rest. To sell your vehicle to Ace Auto Parts, give us a call today at 651-717-4299.

What Happens Next?

Verify Ownership

Prior to taking your vehicle in, we’ll need some sort of verification that you are the current owner. We may ask for the title as well as the registration. Additionally, we’ll need to see your ID to confirm all the information matches up.

Vehicle Categorization and VIN Removal

Because you’re currently marked as the owner of the vehicle, Ace Auto Parts will go through the work to categorize your vehicle as an End-of-Life Vehicle. This notifies the state of Minnesota that your car has reached the end of its lifespan.

After we categorize your vehicle, we’ll remove the VIN so that no one can purchase, repair, or sell the vehicle without notifying the DMV.

Recycle Usable Parts

After all of the paperwork is complete, your old vehicle’s working parts will be recycled. At Ace Auto Parts this can happen in a couple of ways: either we’ll sift through your car for the usable parts to sell, or we’ll gut your car and leave it in the salvage yard for visitors to pick the pieces they need themselves.

As you can see, the job isn’t done once you drop your car off at the salvage yard. There are still a couple of steps to go through before the car is considered done and gone. Fortunately, Ace Auto Parts allows your car’s parts to have a second life — even when the car itself is no longer operable!

If you’re interested in getting cash in exchange for your junk car, contact Ace Auto Parts online, or call us now at 651-717-4299! Once you take your car in and accept your cash, you can leave the rest of the work to us.