Are you a do-it-yourself auto mechanic? Then you probably change your vehicle’s oil either in your garage or driveway — but what do you do with that oil when you’re done? While there aren’t any state regulations around DIY oil changes, there are definitely regulations surrounding oil disposal and recycling in the state of Minnesota. If you’re not sure what those regulations entail or how to get rid of your waste motor oil safely, we’ve got all the details you need to know below.

Why Recycle Used Motor Oil?

First and foremost, Minnesota requires that used motor oil be recycled according to state regulations. It’s also important to note that counties within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area may have stricter regulations than the remainder of the state. Aside from adhering to oil disposal regulations, it’s a good idea to recycle your used motor oil because:

●        Waste oil presents a toxic waste hazard to the environment, animals, and municipal water supply if you dump it carelessly. The amount of waste oil that comes from a single vehicle’s oil change can negatively affect up to one million gallons of water.

●        You could face fines, jail time, or be held financially liable for cleanup costs if you dump used oil improperly.

●        Used oil makes a huge mess, as anyone who’s ever dealt with it knows. Collecting and recycling your waste oil property keeps you and your property clean. 

Collect Used Motor Oil in a Sealable Container

When you change your vehicle’s oil, you should collect the waste oil in an oil pan and when it’s completely drained, transfer that oil to a sealable container. Make sure the container is fully intact and does not contain holes or cracks.

You can purchase oil collection containers at your local auto parts supply store or you can opt for recycled containers like old milk jugs or plastic coffee containers. Avoid using any recycled containers that once held chemicals like bleach or other cleaning agents, as those substances can interact negatively with motor oil.

It’s also important to note that you should never put empty motor oil containers in your recycling bin. When you’re finished using a container that once contained motor oil, it must be disposed of in the trash.

Take Your Containers to an Oil Disposal Location

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, there is no city-operated toxic waste disposal system, which means you cannot simply place waste motor oil on the curb for pickup. Instead, you’ll need to take your used motor oil to an oil disposal drop-off location somewhere in your municipality. Some drop-off locations only accept used oil from local residents, while others are less stringent about their acceptance policies.

Let Ace Auto Parts Handle Your Oil Disposal Needs

If you need to get rid of used motor oil, feel free to bring it by Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul! We’ll recycle your waste oil jugs and make sure your used oil is disposed of safely, according to local and state regulations. In addition to oil recycling, we also offer an extensive selection of used car parts at serious discounts. If you’re the do-it-yourself mechanic type, come check out our salvage yard for all the vehicle parts you need!

To learn more about disposing of your motor oil at Ace Auto Parts, feel free to give us a call today at (651) 717-4299 or contact us online with your questions, and we’ll get in touch!