Your vehicle’s headlights play an integral role in your ability to drive safely, especially when you’re driving in the rain, snow, or at night. And when your headlights start having issues, fixing the problem as promptly as possible — whether that means a quick repair or installing replacement lights — is crucial for your safety.


But how do you know whether your headlights could use a quick fix or need to be completely replaced?


Read on for three signs it’s time to replace your car’s headlights rather than repair them.

1. Flickering Lights

If your headlights flicker regularly or produce uneven light, the issue may be due to electrical connection problems within the harness or wiring or some other internal issue with your vehicle. In some cases, flickering can result from bulbs that are gradually burning out, too.


In any case, you should have a mechanic take a look at the lights to determine what’s causing the problem. If replacing the headlights is in your best interest, you may be able to get away with a simple bulb replacement if your vehicle uses halogen or xenon lamps. But if your headlights are LEDs, you may need to replace the whole assembly instead.


Depending on the type of vehicle you own, new headlights could cost you several hundred dollars. If you want to save yourself some cash, consider opting for used car parts from a reputable salvage yard in lieu of new.


Not sure what you need to look for? Check out our tips for buying used car headlights before you start your search!

2. Dimmer-Than-Normal Lights

You know how bright your vehicle’s headlights normally are, so if they seem dimmer than usual, don’t wait to investigate. If you’re lucky, your bulb may just be on its way out, which is a simple fix (just take that one out and put a new one in).


If you’re not quite so lucky, you may be dealing with a wiring issue, such as a damaged ground wire or a corroded connection.


To find out what’s going on, try replacing the bulb first (if you don’t have LEDs). If that doesn’t brighten things up, take your vehicle to an expert who can determine if you need to replace the whole assembly.


3. No High Beams

If your running lights and regular headlights work but your high beams refuse to turn on, you may have a wiring or fuse issue, both of which will likely necessitate headlight replacement. Have a pro inspect the assembly and wiring to determine what’s going on.


If you end up needing new headlights, you may be able to score a deal on discount auto parts from a local salvage yard, especially if you have a fairly popular vehicle make and model.


If you’re unsure how to install them yourself, you may even be able to pay for on-site headlight installation.

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