When you bring your car into our service center to have a headlight changed, you may be inclined to want both headlights changed. Although this is considered a standard practice, the question may be, ‘is changing both lights necessary?’ The answer is, no, it’s not required to replace both bulbs. There are some advantages, however, to getting a professional Ace Auto Parts mechanic to change both lights at the same time.


Sudden Darkness

The most important reason for changing out all headlights at the same time is that you don’t want both headlamps to go dark. It is possible that if one headlight goes out that the other is soon to follow. Thankfully, most modern vehicles have more than one set of headlights. The secondary headlights, however, are not enough to carry a full beam in the darkness. For this reason, our mechanics recommend installing both lights when one goes out.


Life Expectancy

Factory-installed headlamps should last about the same length of time. If one bulb burns out, it safe to assume that the other lamp is not far behind. In addition to a safety issue, you’ll save a trip to our salvage yard by asking our technicians to install both bulbs at the same time. Headlights are like used tires. Once one goes, it’s smarter to replace the entire set.


Balanced Visibility

When a bulb goes out, the strength of the beams is now at 50 percent. Reduced light is dangerous when driving at night. Two new bulbs will shine brighter than old worn out bulbs. The full range of light will provide you with enough visibility to see oncoming vehicles or objects on either side of your car. You and your family will be safer when traveling at night.


Affordable, Easy Installation

Although we offer used auto parts, we also install some brand new components. One of these parts is headlights. Brand new lamps are simple to install and will cost very little to help you see better when you are driving. We can check the manufacturer's specifications on our vehicle to identify which headlights are best for your automobile. No matter what kind of car you, have Ace Auto Parts mechanics can professionally install and have you back on the road in no time.


Use Our App to Find Your Car’s Headlights

One of the best features of our business is our Ace Auto Parts App. You can download it to your smartphone or tablet and use it to find any new or used auto part that we carry in our junkyard. We also offer used tires and used batteries. If you have any questions, then you can contact us at 651-717-4299. We provide service for all personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.