While a fender bender won't always make your car undrivable, it does cause quite a headache. After all, you can't drive your car around with your fender broken or missing for too long.

When it comes to a fender bender, there are several parts you may have to purchase to restore your vehicle fully. Ace Auto Parts carries fenders and other used auto parts that will fit your car. Visit our junkyard and find out if we have the part you need. 

You can also call ahead or visit our online store to see if we have a part you want.

Replacing Your Fender: What to Consider

The fender is on the side of the vehicle, resting between the door and the bumper. Manufacturers install fenders in different ways. For instance, your fender may be a stand-alone component or integrated with the fascia along the front or back of the car. 

Regardless of what type of fender is in your vehicle, engineers design it to protect you in the event of a collision. Fenders are built to withstand substantial impact during an accident. Therefore, when you purchase a used fender from a junkyard, you need to ensure that it is in excellent condition. 

Anything less than a solid fender puts you and your passengers at risk. 

How to Look for a Used Fender

So, as we've established, you want to find a part capable of protecting you and your vehicle in case another accident occurs.

Here are some considerations when choosing a fender for your car, truck, or SUV.

Avoid Major Damage

While a few minor dents can be hammered out and aren't a huge cause for concern, a fender should be devoid of any cracks, deep dents, or damage. 

Avoid purchasing a used fender with significant cracks and irreparable dents. When a fender is severely damaged, it can't protect your vehicle to its fullest potential.

Look for Cracked Holes Where the Bolts Go

To securely attach your new fender to your vehicle, you must drive bolts where the holes are located. The bolt holes stabilize the fender so that you can correctly install it. 

These designated holes should be undamaged and free of any cracks or warping. Damaged holes may prevent the fender from properly protecting your car.

Fender-to-Vehicle Match

A fender can maximize its potential by perfectly fitting onto the new vehicle. When purchasing a used fender, you should ensure it matches your vehicle's make, model, and year

If you're unsure how to properly match the fender with your vehicle, simply ask one of our team members to help you find your replacement! At Ace Auto Parts, it's easy to find a fender that is an exact match of your car's make, model, and year, and we're happy to help you identify if there are any fenders available in our junkyard. 

If you are a stickler for original factory parts, we can help you identify if a piece is a factory, OEM, or aftermarket. Remember that the price will vary depending on what is on the car in the salvage yard. 

Match Material & Color

Most fenders are made of high-grade steel to protect your car. You can also get them in aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or reinforced plastic parts.

Take the time to understand which material your new fender needs to be so you can try to match it. The material should match the rest of your car for ultimate protection. 

Additionally, for aesthetic purposes, find a fender that matches your car's color. While this isn't the most crucial step, it can help you maintain the overall look of your vehicle.

Should You Buy a Rusty Fender?

Occasionally, we get fenders in the junkyard that may have rust on them. You'll notice them more in older cars than in newer models. Depending on what the fender is made of, the outer fender typically rusts when two or more pieces of sheet metal come together, either by a weld or a bolt. 

A little rust can be sanded out. If the fender is rusted through, however, we suggest you look in our used parts store for a used fender in better condition. 

Benefits of Buying Used Over New 

When it's time for a fender replacement, you're going to have two options: new or used; while buying new might be your first instinct, some huge advantages come with getting used parts from a salvage yard.


Hands down, the fender will be cheaper, and in most cases, the price is the deciding factor for most people. 

Simply put, used parts are cheaper because they're not coming right off the factory line, but that doesn't mean they're not in great condition, so if pricing is a concern, always go with used.


Environmental impact is a priority for some people, and when you purchase a new one, the fender is shipped from the factory, creating an extra expense between raw materials, resources, and energy manufacturing and transporting it. 

Picking a used fender means it's already available, so there's no waste of resources, making it a more sustainable choice.

You Don't Have to Wait 

One of the biggest reasons to buy used is because, in most cases, the parts are going to be available right away. Shops can take days and sometimes weeks to get your new fender shipped in, and in some cases, it may not show up at all. 

Used parts are the best option because the junkyard will let you know if they have the item or vehicle on site, so you don't have to wait or pay for shipping.

Ace Auto Parts Has the Car Parts You're Looking For

It's no secret that getting into a fender bender is a hassle. From sorting out insurance to figuring out how much repairs will cost, there are many steps that you have to consider. However, Ace Auto Parts can help you make the process a little easier and more affordable with our supply of high-quality, used car parts.

Ace Auto Parts is Minneapolis and St. Paul's #1 Salvage Yard. We offer a wide range of parts and car sales, installs, and services. We can help you find parts for all domestic, foreign, personal, and commercial vehicles. 

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