Although safety should be your number one concern when purchasing auto parts, saving money should also be a priority. After all, you can find parts that are in excellent condition from vehicles that just don't run anymore. Ace Auto Parts carries used auto parts for all types of vehicles. With all the parts we have in stock, below are six of the most popular parts that can save you hundreds of dollars.


1. Wheel Rims

Wheel Rims are designed to withstand an immense of amount of pressure while supporting a vehicle that can weigh several tons. So it should be no surprise that they remain intact in some of the fiercest collisions. Next time you want rims, go to the junkyard and find a set. You'll be amazed at how much money you save.


2. Used Tires

Tires are similar to rims. They can withstand some of the harshest conditions that man and nature hand them. Once a car goes to the junkyard, the tires just sit there waiting to be used again. In many cases, the tires have only had a few thousand miles on them. Come and check out our selection of used tires and save money at the same time.


3. Mirrors

Whether you need a rear view mirror on your windshield or are looking for side view mirrors, you can find what you're looking for at our salvage yard. Like so many other components on the car, mirrors remain in perfect condition long after the car is no longer drivable. Rather than visit a retail store, save a few buck and make a trip down to Ace Auto Parts to get your mirrors.


4. Windshields and Side Windows

If you need a windshield or a side window for your car, you should consider getting the entire window package including the hardware, power window motor, and the switches. You can often find them intact and in excellent condition. And you'll spend a fraction of what new equipment costs.


5. Power Locks

When the power lock solenoid or switch has worn out on your car, do a price check on a new replacement. You'll be shocked at how much cash you have to shell out. Not so at a salvage yard. You can get a used power lock for far less than a factory or OEM part brand new. We carry used power locks. Let us help you find one for your car.


6. Transmission

A brand new transmission can cost thousands of dollars plus what you'll spend on installation costs if you hire a professional. You can lower cost of parts and labor, however, by pulling a transmission out of our salvage yard. We carry refurbished transmissions, or you can find one out in the junkyard and pull it yourself. Save yourself thousands of dollars and get a used transmission in excellent condition.


Used Auto Parts in St. Paul, Minnesota

If you are looking for used parts for your vehicle, then visit Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul. We carry a wide selection of used tires, used batteries, and other used auto parts for all vehicles. Use our online search tool or download our app for your smartphone to find parts. You can also contact us at 651-717-4299, or you can message us on our contact page.