There is no denying that new tires are usually the best from a physical standpoint. They have full tread and can last for years. The problem is that new tires are expensive—sometimes shockingly so. If you need a full set, it can set you back hundreds of dollars or more! Even one brand-new tire can cost from $100 to $300 or more, depending on the brand and model you choose. What do you do if you don't have that kind of money hanging around, but you do need one or more tires to be replaced?

The Value of Used Tires

One word: affordability.

The main value of used tires is their affordability. If one of your tires is punctured in a way that can't be repaired, such as from driving over a nail that lands too close to the edge, you'll need another one in a hurry. Yet, it is uncommon to have a couple of hundred dollars just sitting around to go buy a new one on the same day.

If you get a used tire, instead, your costs drop significantly. You can buy one with barely any tread if you just need to make it until the next payday, or you can get one with half or more of its life left in it as a long-term solution. Either way, you'll be back on the road much faster than if you had to save up for a brand-new tire.

In times of financial strain, it’s not unusual to keep the same tires on your car until they are truly worn out. The big problem is that then, you'll need a full set all at once. When the tread is not only completely bald, but you're seeing the steel belts show through, you know that you need more tires—and right away! Used tires then save you from the shockingly high expense of a full set of new ones.

When you're replacing a full set of tires, it's best to get ones that are less worn than you might get if you're only changing one. This will keep you from having to make another significant outlay too soon. It will also provide some of the benefits of new tires, such as a better ride, improved traction, and a lower chance of dry rot. However, we do not recommend driving on bald tires, because you put yourself and other drivers at risk.

To check out our used tires, just stop by our salvage yard here at Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul, MN. We'll be glad to show you our current supply and get you back on the road—at a price you can afford!