Selling an old, irreparable car to an auto parts shop is relieving. Not only is the car no longer taking up space at your home or property, but you also get money in your pockets. As the tow truck whisks your car away, you may wonder what happens to it next. Auto shop companies, such as Ace Auto Parts, find use out of junked cars. After a car is sold and taken to the auto shop, its parts take on a new life.


When an auto shop receives a car, mechanics dig into it for parts. While the car as a whole may not have much of a future, the parts are valuable to owners with older vehicles. After the mechanics refurbish and resell the parts, owners install them into their cars. Similarly, auto parts companies will frequently open their lots to customers so they can hand-select the parts they need.


Used car parts are especially valuable to owners with older vehicles who need to replace single components in their cars. Oftentimes, manufacturers discontinue and quit making older car parts, so they become extremely difficult to find and owners are stuck with unfixable cars. Finding the part they need at an auto parts shop can save an owner from having to purchase an entirely new car.


When the parts and metals in a junked car aren’t useful to another car, the auto parts shop sells and recycles them. Useful metals, such as aluminum and steel, can be used to create new materials. Additionally, new car batteries are made from the lead and plastic found in old batteries. Recycling car parts is beneficial to the environment, as it keeps them out of landfills.


Next time you have an old car taking up space in your driveway, call Ace Auto Parts at 651-717-4299 to give its parts another life. Whether the parts are installed into another vehicle or recycled to create new materials, a junked car still holds plenty of value. Ace Auto Parts takes your old car off your hands and finds a new life for its parts.